36 Motivational Desktop Wallpapers to Help You Get Sh*t DoneAnd they're totally gorgeous, too

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My actual desk may be cluttered, but my computer desktop? It needs to be pristine.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I focus better if my desktop — one of the first things I see in the morning when I’m about to start the day — looks good. Right now, I’m using a wallpaper where I can arrange my files into categories like Work, Business, and Current Projects. It takes some work to make sure that the files stay arranged and the ones that need to be archived get archived, but I like the system.

And then on some days, i change systems, remove everything on my desktop, and put on a gorgeous wallpaper for eye-candy and motivation. Yes, motivational desktop wallpapers work for me! The reminders help me stay on track and achieve my goals. If you are into motivational and intentional and pretty wallpapers, this post is for you!

1. You Gotta Start Somewhere

2. Stop the Glorification of Busy

3. Action is the Foundation of All Success

4. Life is Tough but So Are You

5. Creativity Takes Courage

6. Make It Happen

7. Start Now

8. Get Shit Done

9. Leave a Little Sparkle

10. Don’t Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else’s Middle

11. Like A Boss

12. No Change No Growth

13. Find Yourself and Be That

14. Make Your Dreams Part of Your Daily Pursuits

15. Breathe

16. You Got This

17. Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings

18. Do Good Work

19. Don’t Pursue Happiness, Create It

20. Taking Care of Business

21. Take a Little Coffee Break

22. Hustle Harder

23. At the End of the Day

24. It is Better to Fail in Originality than Succeed in Imitation

25. Persist

26. Trust the Process

27. You Can Change the World

28. You’ve Got to Ask

29. You Can Do Anything but Not Everything

30. Get Shit Done

31. Progress Not Perfection

32. Work Like a Boss

33. Stay Positive

34. I Haven’t Been Everywhere but It’s On My List

35. Compete With Yourself, Not With Others

36. You Are Incredible

Which ones are your favourite? It’s hard to pick just one!

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