How To Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Lose A Thing

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How To Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Lose A Thing

Don’t you love those emails from school or kindergarten reminding you to label your kids items? Then you get the posters stuck up on the classroom door or a letter sent home asking if anyone has seen some child’s favourite pair of Asics that have gone missing. Really”¦who are these moronic parents who don’t bother to put their kid’s name on their belongings? Actually, it’s me. Yes, I’ll admit it – my family admin and organisation is shockingly bad. And the mad thing is that in my working life I think my organisational skills are pretty kick-arse.

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When things get lost  

When my boys started day care I labelled a few of their belongings but not everything. Slowly things were going missing. Until one day I noticed another child being dropped off at day care wearing my boy’s shirt. Okay, so you are thinking that he probably had the same one. Maybe, although we bought the shirt when we were overseas and his one was missing. Slim chance it was definitely my son’s shirt. I felt enraged about it! My boy’s shirt had somehow ended up in this child’s possession and then his mother had sent their child into day care in it – the nerve. And it was one of my son’s favourite shirts. But, really I had no right to feel enraged because I hadn’t bothered to label it. I spoke to one of the day care staff about it, pointing out that it had obviously been an innocent mistake. But without an item being labelled there was nothing they could do. Lesson well and truly learnt.

Counting the cost

After reeling from another parental failure, I thought I would make myself feel even better by counting the cost of all the missing belongings from their time in day care. So there were drink bottles, t-shirts, socks, jumpers, blah, blah, blah. I estimated about $200. Right, I needed to sort myself and my kids out as soon as humanly possible. I had relied on the Sharpie for too long and it had let me down – after a few washes the name was barely recognisable. Time for plan B get a set of personalised name labels like all those organised parents had decided to do at the beginning of term.

Finding the solution

I got on to it and ordered label packs for the kids’ belongings stickers for the lunch-boxes, drink bottles, sippy cup, shoes, and iron labels for clothes, bed sheets, etc. Boy, did I feel better about it. Would you believe it things aren’t going missing and my four-year-old went all giddy over having new stickers plastered all over his belongings. And now no more guilt-trip for me when his favourite things disappear. If your mummy admin and organisation is lacking and your kids stuff is poorly labelled get some personalised name labels – quick fast!

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