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To pedal their products, these advertisements invoke some of the worst gender stereotypes, depicting women as terrible drivers, brainless beauties, and kitchen-dwellers.

These amazing vintage advertisements serve up casual sexism by the truckload.

There must have been Mad Men behind them, check out these horrendously sexist vintage ads we found:

Yep. Even with those weakling bingo wing arms.

a woman can open it

Who cares about the oven? Where can I get one of those sweet-as skirts? It could double as a duvet.


If you had bought new sauce pans, Jean would have *probably* whacked you with one. So yah, good move.

jean pregnant


Just creepy.



If that isn’t a *look of death* – I don’t know what is.

not milk

Spanking? Well. It CAN be a yes. But you should always ask first. 😉

store fresh coffee


I hope all the food that comes out of tastes as bad as it looks. What is it with 60s food styling?

kenwood chef


*Actually* she’ll be happier with diamonds. or cake. Just Saying.



Gentlemen, don’t make her buy the pants. That’s how they measure your coffin.

lee jeans

Look at how excited she is thinking of all the empty jars she can fit your body parts in without the police figuring out.


It’s comments like these that cause involuntary shudders. I. Can’t. Even.dyson

Could you imagine what the reaction would be if any of these advertisements were put up today?The Most Sexist Advertisements From the Ages | Stay At Home Mum

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