What Do Infected Piercings Look Like?

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What Do Infected Piercings Look Like?

Body piercings are so sexy…but when piercings have gone wrong, it can be quite messy.

If you’re not fan of cringeworthy, disgusting stuff, look away now. We are warning you: This is not for the faint-hearted.

Either you have piercings that you didn’t take care of or piercings that were done in poor taste, it all will result to one thing: infection.

Sometimes, infected piercings are so bad you need to see them, so you’ll be warned not to take your piercings for granted. And since we want to warn you (or please you if you’re into things like this — gross but satisfying), we’ve got you some vomit-inducing, sickening and spine-tingling photos of unbelievable infected piercings .


You can taste anything but the taste of your own blood…and pus.

26948616 | Stay at Home


When the ear can no longer hold the weight it had to carry everyday…

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Lip and pus = never a good combination.

infected lip piercing | Stay at Home

…nor a hole!

pirsing 001 | Stay at Home

Belly button

This isn’t the kind of bump you want on your belly.

2ae3c64088bda52499ff6d6497051f2c | Stay at Home


It’s like having your acne pierced. Ouch!

infected eyebrow piercing | Stay at Home

Nasal Septum

When the air you breathe is blocked by pus…

infected nose piercing | Stay at Home

Still want to get pierced? ...... 1 | Stay at Home

Click here for some cute inspo!

Don’t let this happen to your piercings.

If you see signs of infection, get medical help as soon as possible.

What Do Infected Piercings Look Like? | Stay at Home Mum

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