What Do Infected Piercings Look Like?

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Sometimes, infected piercings are so bad you need to see them, so you’ll be warned not to take your piercings for granted.

Body piercings are so sexy…but when piercings have gone wrong, it can be quite messy.

If you’re not fan of cringe-worthy, disgusting stuff, look away now. We are warning you: This is not for the faint-hearted.

Either you have piercings that you didn’t take care of or piercings that were done in poor taste, it all will result to one thing: infection.

And since we want to warn you (or please you if you’re into things like this — gross but satisfying), we’ve got you some vomit-inducing, sickening and spine-tingling photos of unbelievable infected piercings.

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Piercings have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people of all ages making the choice to get a facial or body piercing. However, piercings are vulnerable to becoming infected, requiring proper aftercare and frequent check-ins with a doctor if symptoms arise. Infected piercings tend to look red, swollen and hot-to-the-touch with pus and fluid oozing out. Eeeww!

It’s up to you to look at it!

The area around the piercing may be particularly tender if touched. It’s important that individuals take swift action if these signs occur to avoid further complications or the spreading of the infection. Typically this means visiting a doctor who is able to provide an appropriate treatment plan for the infected piercing! Hey!


You can taste anything but the taste of your own blood…and pus.

What Do Infected Piercings Look Like I Stay at Home Mum


When the ear can no longer hold the weight it had to carry everyday…


Lip and pus = never a good combination.

…nor a hole!

Belly button

This isn’t the kind of bump you want on your belly.


It’s like having your acne pierced. Ouch!

Nasal Septum

When the air you breathe is blocked by pus…

Still want to get pierced?

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Don’t let this happen to your piercings.

If you see signs of infection, get medical help as soon as possible.

What Do Infected Piercings Look Like? | Stay at Home Mum

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