Ask Aunty SAHM – Noisy Lolly Wrappers

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Ask Aunty SAHM – Noisy Lolly Wrappers

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Today’s problem solved: Noisy Lolly Wrappers

Dear Aunty Sahm,

I’m dreading Halloween on a number of levels, but mostly what peeves me off is when the kids eat the lollies, the sound of the wrappers crinkling drowns out the volume on the movie we’re trying to watch it drives me crazy!

I’ve heard you’re the best with first world problems.
Please help.


Thank you so much for writing in Ginger. So many of us have had these ugly thoughts without having the guts to voice them. Of course you are dead-on to come to me, the leading expert in first world problem solutions.

Now, when it comes to Halloween lollies Ginger, the thing is you don’t want them to given to your children sans wrapper that means without, in case I’m being just a bit too posh.

The reasons why are immediately clear; any bucket of lollies waiting for kids at a house is basically the adult equivalent of a bowl of peanuts sitting at the local bar. Yah. I won’t eat those ‘tasty’ peanuts marinated in god knows what either. So you wouldn’t want your kids dipping in to those types of bowls either.

But most importantly, wrappers mean if the lollies have been tampered with you will know immediately on your compulsory safety check (read: culling of good stuff) on arrival home after trick or treating.

You could also use this time to remove some of the wrappers to save your sanity in the coming weeks, the gummy bears will be fine out of their individual share packs if popped in an airtight container.

Then it’s win-win for all and once they’re in bed you can top up your own stash as needed!

xx Aunty S

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