Can a Family Survive with One Car?

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Can a Family Survive with One Car?

car1 | Stay at Home a Family Survive with One Car? 

We had an email from one of our fans today with a question she’d like a bit of help with. Instead of us answering her, we thought we’d put it to all of you to see if you can give her some practical advice and share your experiences with her. Here’s her question :


I would love to get your feedback and the followers on whether or not a family
can survive with one car as we are considering doing this. The main reason
for this is to clear debt and get ahead. We own both cars but by selling one
we would have $12,000 and have worked out we could save $3,000 a year just
on fuel, insurance and rego (more if we included servicing and repairs). We
live two blocks from town centre (we are in the country), partner works
fulltime and I work casually at nights and weekend which I could walk to if
needed or ride a bike (bonus of exercise). We have a toddler and another one
due in December but have been thinking of ways to free up money and take the
pressure off. Our debt is isn’t huge and the money left over would be put on
the mortgage and away for savings. The main issue for us is we are use to
having two cars and the ease of that but that aside that all I could see are
the pros. I also dream of a simple life where money and things aren’t that

Would love to hear from people who have done this, who are doing this and if
people this we are mad!!

Thanks Sarah.”

What would your advice to Sarah be?

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