Brownie the Globe Trotting Bear

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Brownie the Globe Trotting Bear

It is almost two years to the day since I found out I was pregnant. I had no idea about pregnancy let alone kids, and the thought was terrifying to say the least. As with many first time mums in this day and age, I downloaded a pregnancy app hoping this would tell me what I needed to know. I keyed in the date of my last period and my expected due date and was informed of a number of forums for women who were due at the same time as me. Little did I know, this app would soon lead me to a group of women on Facebook who I now consider some of my closest friends today.

Our secret group consists of around 150 women from all corners of the world. I am only one of three Australians but this has not affected the friendships I have made. We were all due in December 2012 and have shared our pregnancy scares, marriage secrets, our baby’s triumphs and our family tragedies. As a group, we have been through so much together. In all honesty, I don’t know how I could have managed my pregnancy or even my life today, without them.

Brownie the Globe Trotting Bear

In August 2012, one of the women in our group gave birth to a very special premmie baby girl. One of the mothers recognised the special connection in our group and suggested we start a travelling bear. We named him Brownie, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good brownie? That is how my very special friend, Brownie the Bear recently found his way to my house.

When I found out Brownie was on route to Australia from the US, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I told anyone who cared. After visiting my friends on the East coast, we decided it would probably be quicker for Brownie to visit another friend in New Zealand before making his way to me in Western Australia.

Weeks went by. There was no sign of Brownie. I was getting worried. After travelling all over the world continuously since the end of 2012 (with one replacement along the way), it seemed our beloved Brownie was lost in the mail while on his way to me. Typical. If you know the saying the luck of the Irish, this seems to sum up my life. Is this when I mention that my son was conceived on St Patrick’s Day?

With hope of Brownie arriving fading away as each day past, what a heart stopping moment it was when I opened the letterbox to see a package from New Zealand! My step daughter was so excited she asked if she could open it. Smiling, I couldn’t say no but deep down I really wanted to tear the package from her hands, rip it open and meet my long lost friend Brownie!

My son has never taken to soft toys except when he goes to sleep at night time. Can you imagine my surprise when during the few days Brownie visited, my son was constantly giving him cuddles and carrying him all over the house? All I could hope for is that my son wouldn’t notice when Brownie eventually ‘disappeared'”¦.

To me, Brownie is more than simply a globetrotting bear. He is a symbol of trust, love, honesty and friendship. He is the sign of lifelong friendships I have developed with women I have never met in person, but will always be in my heart.

Are you in a similar group? Have you done something like this? Share your experiences.

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