10 Things I Never Want to Do Again

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10 Things I Never Want to Do Again

There are things you’d love to do over and over again…but then, there are things you swear never to do again.

To some, these things in the list may be so simple, they’d wonder why I will never do it again, but I’m sure there are those who share the same experience I had.

10 Things I Never Want o Do Again

Here are 10 things I never want to do again and why.

1. Date

I hate dating. Mainly because I’m really bad at it. It’s genetic though. My father took my mother on a date to watch him play football.
Running onto the field for the second half he was waving at her when he tripped over the bloke in front of her and had to be stretchered off the field. That’s generally how us Devereaux men win our women over – sympathy.


2. Ride an Elephant

In Thailand, for our honeymoon, I was coerced into riding one because at that stage, there was simply nothing I wouldn’t do for sex. I thought I was going to die. We were traversing a river bank and this elephant we were on didn’t want to walk down the clay embankment, probably because it was slippery, but the guy in front of us kept prodding it with a stick until it slowly went down. It’s alright for the elephant handler, he wasn’t tied on so he could jump. I thought we were going to be crushed to death. If Tracey ever insists I ride an elephant for sex again, I’m taking my own sharp stick to prod the elephant handler.

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