My Six Year Old Asked About Sex

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My Six Year Old Asked About Sex

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Dear Nikki,

My little dude (6) has asked me twice what sex is. I asked him what he thought it was and he said ‘Well I know it’s rude but what is it?’. I asked him where he heard it, who’s been telling him the word and he said he overheard it on ‘the Barney show’ ( How I Met Your Mother, which will never be playing in the background at our place again!!)
I’d like to be as honest as possible with him, without giving too many details as I know he’ll blab it to all and sundry. What should I tell him Mamas?
We still haven’t had ‘the official talk’ with my 11 yr old so this is unchartered territory for us. :/

Regards, Mortified

Dear Mortified,

Do you remember the joy that came along with reading “Where did I come from” ahhhhh the memories I have of my Mum going through that book with me at a young age and me being totally grossed out but giggling at the names of things. Head down to your local library and get the book out”¦it makes it easy for parents and there is little explaining to be done as the pictures and story do it for you. (Some may consider that to be lazy”¦I figure it’s pretty damn smart).

Granted little kids get a bit of information and you might as well give them a megaphone and put them on the corner of the busiest street and let them go nuts but explaining to them that its not a “for everyone” type of conversation they should understand. Also consider maybe letting the teacher know you have had “The Talk” so they can put a stop to any talk of penises and va-jay-jay’s in the school yard.

My little miss told me once that sex was “when you get naked and kiss and stuff””¦..once I picked my jaw up off the ground I explained that twins run in our family and unless she wants 2 babies at the same time she best be not even thinking about sex until she’s married or out of my house, cause I ain’t raising no more babies”¦”¦.That shut her up nice and quickly.

I wouldn’t recommend doing what I’ve heard someone do which was throw on some soft-core porn and make it a bit more realistic and visual”¦.WAYYYY  TO MUCH VISUAL!!!

Why not bust out a 2’fer and have the talk with the both of them at the same time so if they really have to they have each other to talk to instead of dying of embarrassment having to talk to the “oldies”.  Let’s face it NO KID or parent for that matter really wants to have this conversation with each other, but when handled openly and honestly you can’t go wrong.

dear nikki16 | Stay at Home’m a Mum of 2 (plus one extra if you count my other half) who works full time, is studying in what spare time I have who is always down for a bit of brutal honesty to help those that can’t see the wood from the trees and need a bit of a kick in the pants to see what’s what”¦…Be warned, I don’t’ beat around the bush but will happily share my unique advice skills, so strap yourself in and open yourself up to so Nikki lingo and let’s see where the journey takes us.

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