Sister Smackdown

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Sister Smackdown

Sister Smackdown | Stay at Home MumSister Smackdown

What ever happened to the all in sister smackdown? Well Nikki has  a couple of suggestions to deal with the crazies that might be in the family closets!

Dear Nikki,

My sister  is a cow.  She always tried to steal my boyfriends when I was young and now I’m happily married but she keeps ‘cracking on’ to my beautiful husband who is just mortified (I went away for the night and she broke in and was in her smalls in MY bed when my husband got home from work!).  She dresses like me, she tells people that don’t know me that I’m a terrible person – I’m not sure what to do.  We have never had a great relationship and this problem has gone back 20 years…  She is 18 months younger than me and is single and miserable.  I just want her to get her own life and butt out of mine.  I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant and I haven’t told her because I don’t know what she is capable of.  What should I do?

Thanks, Amy

What ever happened to the all in sister smackdown? Cause if there is anyone who deserves it then it is this SCRAG.

I asked my other half what he would’ve done in the same situation and his response was gold”¦”I would’ve called the cops on her crazy ass””¦.fair comment I reckon, obviously she has had no consequences to her outlandish actions in the past and has gotten away with it for so long she probably feels like she is doing nothing wrong. Fact – She didn’t just step over “The Line” she took a flying superman type leap and came skidding to a halt. The fact that you won’t even tell her you are pregnant as you can’t trust her pretty much answers your own question.

Firstly I would be changing all of my locks and upping the security on my house. I would then tell her in no uncertain terms”¦..”Hey Nutjob, you are no longer welcome at my house, near my husband or in my life, unless you get some Doctor Phil type help with your issues”. Seriously do you really want to have to spend the rest of your life with Scraggy pants in the background running you down and going out of her way to make your life miserable? And of course she is single and a big massive sad sack”¦.she can’t have a life of her own if she is trying to take over yours.  I have wondered though how do your parent/s react to this kind of petulant child behavior from a surely somewhat unstable family member?

You don’t have to take this crap from family, and you, as the obvious sane one here take a stand don’t be afraid as you have your husband behind you with lots of love and lots of support. Go get her tiger!!!!!

Sister Smackdown | Stay at Home MumI’m a Mum of 2 (plus one extra if you count my other half) who works full time, is studying in what spare time I have who is always down for a bit of brutal honesty to help those that can’t see the wood from the trees and need a bit of a kick in the pants to see what’s what”¦”¦Be warned, I don’t’ beat around the bush but will happily share my unique advice skills, so strap yourself in and open yourself up to so Nikki lingo and let’s see where the journey takes us.  If you have a question for Dear Nikki, please email [email protected] and we will forward them to Nikki.


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