Are You Technologically Challenged?

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Are You Technologically Challenged?

Most adults below the age of 55 these days live a very modern lifestyle. Everybody has internet, a computer, a mobile phone (the more hip may have a smart phone), and a whole panorama of electronic gadgets that do everything from regulating the humidity levels in your bedroom to measuring how much tomato sauce is left in the bottle.  There is even a fridge out there that knows what groceries to order and does it for you.  Cool!

Above all, we know how to look for everything online. If you don’t know the answer to something, what do you do? Google it. What’s that rash on your arm? Google it. How many zeroes are in a duodecillion? Google it!  Need a recipe? Check, then Google it to find something better. We don’t even need calculators, dictionaries, or a thesaurus anymore.

I’m a proud member of this new race of technologically proficient mums, but there are still some things that leave me absolutely lost for words. Namely, our TV/entertainment system. Let me explain how we have this set up.remotes1 | Stay at Home

Back in the day, TV was a fairly simple operation. You sat on the couch and used the remote to turn it on and find the right channel. The same remote controlled the volume, and I could even switch over the the DVD player without moving an inch. To play a DVD, you just stick it in and hit play. It was a simple time, a happy time, but unfortunately nothing can last forever.

Now, we’re an HD family, and it gives me more headaches than a three day drinking binge. Besides the  TV, we have a stereo, DVD player, media player  and about a gazillion (duodecillion?) remote controls to manage it all. We use more electricity than the Sydney Opera House just to watch Sons of Anarchy. I can’t even watch TV in my own home without my husband there to orchestrate the event.

So the problem for me is really twofold: First of all I can’t figure out which remotes are meant to do what. I consider myself very technologically savvy, so this in itself is a huge blow to my ego. There are three different volume remotes, one remote for each control box, another remote to change the channels on the TV, and when all of that is working I still have to look for the remote to actually turn the TV on! I’m pretty sure there are a few in the pile that don’t actually do anything, but far be it from me to separate them from their family.

Second of all, organizationally, this is a complete mess. We keep all the remotes on the coffee table but there’s just no way to make it look good with all the different sizes and shapes. I found a remote hidden away in a drawer last week and have NO idea what it’s for. It just went onto the pile. Finally, as soon as one remote gets lost everybody starts searching under and inside the furniture, throwing out cushions to make sure it didn’t fall down into the sofa, and in the end the whole house looks like it was hit by a cyclone, only to have my husband say, “Oh, here it is. It was right on the table the whole time.”


In what way are you technologically challenged?


Guest Blog by Freda McFishntackle, Freda (or Federica for short) is a mother of two from Queensland with a wry sense of humour and a mortgage you could trip over.  Admittedly terrible with money, it’s her goal to get back on track in 2011/12/13/14/15

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Freda McFishntackle, Freda (or Federica for short) is a mother of two from Queensland with a wry sense of humour and a mortgage you could trip over....Read MoreAdmittedly terrible with money, it's her goal to get back on track in 2014/15/16/17 Read Less

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