Being a Good Customer

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Being a Good Customer

Hello,  my name is Fred Mcfishntackle. You may know my wife Freda from her posts on Stay at Home Mum.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I am here to teach you the art of getting a good deal, by…..wait for it…..being a good customer. Strap yourself in here we go…….

We are all taught from an early age that all salespeople are the lowest form of life or just a bit lower than, say, a piece of broken tooth that comes out when you are flossing AND ends up in a root canal. Yep that low. I must admit that a lot of salespeople deserve this label as well, but you can use it to your advantage, by being nice.

There are well differing forms of salespeople. We vary from a completely untrained Gen Y’er that is just hoping that if they hide well enough you may not see them at all and they can get straight back to sexting or texting or tweeting about his/her latest Facebook post, right through to the most highly trained and polished prat that see their new boat/car/time-share in the Bahamas, as soon as you walk through the door.

Lets start at the start.

Meet and Greet:sales assistant1 | Stay at Home

When you walk into a retail store (these days) and you can actually get somebody to say hello to you, treat it like you have won the lottery, cause believe me, it isn’t that common (these days). Instead of folding your arms, dropping your head and mumbling “I’m just lookin”. Try this, “Oh hi, I am looking for ……. can you help me”. Or “Hi, I will have a look around and give you a yell if I need a hand”. Instantly you are finding out what kind of salesperson you are dealing with, but most importantly you a have begun a relationship with the person that, hopefully, will assist you in getting great service and a great deal.

I can hear you yelling at the screen calling bullshit, but give it a try. You will know straight-away if you are on a winner, If nobody can be bothered to greet you, forget them. They obviously don’t need your money and you should move on.


For the benefit of this article and all of our sanity in general, I am going to assume you have found a somewhat decent salesperson or you have already walked out.

This decent salesperson will now qualify your needs, work out what you are looking for and present what he/she thinks you require. Often times they will know some stuff about stuff so have a listen.


The decent salesperson will try then to “close” the sale by asking stealthily if you would like to buy the item. Here’s a hot tip, if you want it, the world will not implode by saying yes.

Playing hard to get:

In moderation, this will get you a good deal, overdone it will get very old, very quickly, resulting in you and the salesperson getting the shits and spoiling what can be a great experience.

Asking for a deal:

Now, this applies to stuff from a few hundred bucks and up. If you are the kind of person that enjoys haggling with the guy at the corner store for a discount on a litre of milk, you may just have a problem that needs to be tended to.

Try this. “How much did you say it was’? Then DON’T SAY ANYTHING. They may just offer up a discount without having to say a word. If not try “What can you do it for, for me”.   The main thing is to shut up, he who speaks first loses. If you need to be a little more direct, try “Can you sharpen it up a little for me?”

Above all else, be polite, be nice and you are likely to get a bigger discount!.

At any stage, remember, if you are not being treated with courtesy and respect from the salesperson, just walk out, forget them, at least you tried and they are the ones that messed it up.

So there you have it – tips from the insider. Now go forth and find yourself a fantastic salesman!


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