Crap Products I Have Bought

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Crap Products I Have Bought

Over the years, even though I’ve been very careful, I’ve bought some crap.  I think we are all guilty of buying crap at one time or another.  Crap comes in many varied forms:

  • Products that have promised the earth and under-delivered (ie lemons!)
  • Product you think your going to use, then get them and don’t (ie fitness equipment)
  • Fads and Trends (ie YoYo’s)
  • Anything that comes in a showbag or you get for free
  • Any clothing we promise ourselves we’ll get into when we lose weight.

How to Avoid Buying Useless Crap

I find I buy useless crap when I’m at a point of weakness.  Boredom, stressed, when your not thinking rationally. I know I tend to buy crap if I have a breakout of pimples, the self esteem gets a bit low and I like to look for things to either cure it, or cheer me up a bit!  The sad thing is that the sales pitch that usually goes with the crap is very seductive; it’s no wonder we all fall for it now and again. Crap is everywhere, daytime television is full of it; they target us housewives because we are the ones with the buying power! You can’t walk into a shop without being seduced by every item.hypercolor | Stay at Home

What to do with crap?

Sell it on ebay! Or burn it!

List of Crap I have Bought:

  • Fad Steam Mop
  • Fat Tax Machine (ie rowing machine)
  • Fat Tax Machine II (ie elliptical trainer)
  • Fat Tax Machine III (ie one of those fitness balls that you can’t stash anywhere because they are too big)
  • Hypercolour T-shirt – both colours, both washed in hot water the first time, then they never worked again.
  • Ahh Bra – now I can show off my saggy boobs in bright pink spandex
  • Bold and the Beautiful Coffee Cups (I Love you Ridge on one side, I Love you Logan, on the other….)
  • A Cookie Cutter Piping Thing – the fact I bought it off ebay should have been a warning.  It’s now a ‘gun’ for my 5yo.

What sort of crap have you bought and wasted your precious money on???

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