I just turned off EVERY light in the house.

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I just turned off EVERY light in the house.

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Guest Post by Fred McFishntackle

I swear it is true; EVERY stinking light in the house was on. Now, I don’t want to sound like a whinger or, heaven forbid, in any way, shape or form chastise or deride Freda here. But (yep there it is, the great BIG BUT) seriously, she cannot turn off a light. This very simple task (to most people anyway) seems to elude my darling Freda.

I am stumped. You see, Freda is an intelligent, well brought up and adjusted human. She just happens to be a human that can’t turn off a light. She will walk into a dark room, turn the light on, but when she leaves, the room remains illuminated and not by Freda’s “glow” she just missed the switch.

Ironically you should she her reaction when the electricity bill comes in. “Fred” she shrieks. “Have you seen the latest electricity bill?”

“No Dear” I reply, meekly.

“Well it’s gone up AGAIN” She screams. For the benefit of small children and the frail I have removed the expletives.

At this point, we have been married long enough for me to realise the futility in suggesting that if she could just turn off some lights the bill might be a bit cheaper and I let her burn herself out like a toddler coming down off a sugar rush.

As you are well aware, Freda often writes for this very website. Not that I spend much time on here but I think I have a Stay at Home Mum top saving tip….


I love you Honey.


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