I Love My Boobs and Bum

boobs1No matter what body size or shape you are, when you’re a kid someone will tease you about it.  I’m extremely tall for a girl, in fact I was told at school by my teacher that I was the perfect height for the average flag pole.   But I come from a family of tall people, tall people that are proud to be tall.  But I wasn’t teased for being tall, I was teased for being thin.  Honestly I looked like a broomstick with arms.  No matter how much I ate (and boy could I eat – still can) – I was painfully thin.  I used to be called ‘Annorex-ohh’ ‘Bean Pole’ and ‘Olive Oil’ .  But I was thin just like my Mum and her Mum before her. All my brothers and sisters are tall.  Genetics.  Not much you can do about them.

It wasn’t until I had a baby that I finally started to fill out – all of a sudden I had BOOBS, and a BUM.  And I’ve honestly never been so happy.  Clothes fit me better, it’s more comfy to sit.  I love how pregnancy has transformed my figure from little girl to woman.  I don’t care that my tummy is a little soft – I see it as proof that life lived there and flourished.  I love my bum – it’s squishy and gives hubby something to grab.  Of course being a woman there are parts I’m not so excited about- my ‘Bye Bye arms’.  I call them that because when I wave ‘Goodbye’ to someone – they wave too!  Not too keen on the varicose veins or the hemorrhoid’s either.  But all in all – I’m really happy with my body.

I don’t believe in scales, I wear what I want to wear – in the size that I want.  If something doesn’t fit – I go up a size – as long as I still feel marvellously womanly – and am still healthy and active – I really don’t give a toss what those numbers mean.  They will never make my happy, not like a cute dress and glass of bubbly can!  I love wearing fancy underwear, even if no one ever sees it – makes me feel good from the inside out.  And you never know when you’ll get hit by a bus!

My son quite often gives me a cuddle and says ‘You’ve got a really BIG bum Mummy’ -in that cheeky little 5yo voice. And I always reply – ‘Why thank you my little darling, I LOVE my big bum.  Maybe you’ll have a big bum when you grow up!’.  Giggling often ensues.

I think my positive body image comes from my family, we never discussed or made an issue of size or shape.  My sisters and I never had an eating disorder – unless you count eating pasta for every meal for a week or having two serves of potatoes in a single meal.  Our mother always told us to look after the little voice inside and everything on the outside will be okay.

Just thought I’d share!

xx Freda

Guest Blog by Freda McFishntackle, Freda (or Federica for short) is a mother of two from Queensland with a wry sense of humour and a mortgage you could trip over.  Admittedly terrible with money, it’s her goal to get back on track in 2011/12/13/14. 



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