Shopping Centre Meltdown

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Shopping Centre Meltdown

I loathe shopping for many reasons.  You need to get somewhat dressed up to go as well as dress the children (ie get them out of their pj’s), you need to pack ‘supplies’ such as drinks, snacks, nappies, wipes, spare undies, their favourite toy, a spare shirt, bibs etc.  Even if you make the kids go to the toilet before they get in the car, they will need to go again as soon as they are strapped in.  Unfortunately grocery shopping is a necessary evil, and hencewith I will be looking into online shopping.  Here are my main reasons:

Reason 1: 

Like the rest of us – I really do love to spend when the opportunity arises.  I see a cute top or a gorgeous pair of jeans, I want them. I’m not infallible. If I do make a purchase I feel guilty for spending the money, if I don’t get them I get the ‘Why do I bother saving money if I can’t buy things I like’ shits. Big time!

Reason 2:crying woman1 | Stay at Home

I have young children.

Shopping with young children is not fun.  They are loud, mine run away constantly, pull things off shelves, yell really embarrassing things ‘Mummy why is that lady soooo fat’.  ‘Darling that’s a man, stop pointing!’.  I’m sure my blood pressure is off the scale after a trip with my two.

Reason 3:

They have a donut shop.  My babies go crazy for the fried rings of dough with coloured sugar in the form of icing on top.  I quite often use them as a bribe ‘Plheezzzzeee be good. If your good, and quiet, and don’t run away and terrorise the Big W ladies, I will get you a donut!’  Before I was a mother, I used to be disgusted at Mums that bribe their children. Now I use it almost daily.  It’s effective.

So one day, when I’d finished buying the essentials and had generally had enough, I was trying to put the children in the car.  The children did not want to go home so it was like shoving an octopus into a handbag, and of course there just HAD to be a brand new Mercedes parked next to me (my youngest has already cost me two insurance claims by kicking doors when trying to put him in his car seat). Said child kicked and screamed and then it happened…

I threw a tantrum.  Yes a 32yo woman chucked a wobbly in the middle of a shopping centre carpark.

And you know what, it felt really good!

xx Freda



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