Twilight – Really?

Twilight – Really?


Barf….there are been WAY too much talk about Twilight this week on this page for my liking… I’ll be glad when the trilogy or how-ever many of them there are will be all over and I can stop hearing about the bedazzled vampire and his pet dog Jared. How do we even know this Edmond dude has fangs? I’ve never seen them – not that I’ve ACTUALLY watched the movies.  I think fangs would have added a whole other dimension.  Even a bit of ‘I vant to vuck your vlood’ would have been at least mildly entertaining…

And Bella, well if my daughter was that moody I would be making an appointment with a shrink or at least be hiding the razor blades.  She can’t be seen as a good role-model for adolescent girls.  The whole teen-angst hero worship thing I get, who can’t remember feeling that way about Brad Pitt in ‘Thelma and Louise’ or Seth Rogan in any of the movies he’s ever done (he’s a cute cuddly teddy bear isn’t he….).  But a kid dating a 100 year old vampire seriously… what would they have to talk about?

Hey Bella, Federation was a terrific party… Did you catch that historic speech? Oh yeah, you missed it…bummer‘…

So the Twi-hards are out in force this week with the release of Part 1 of Breaking Dawn.  There seems more talk about this wedding then Will and Kate’s.

And poor Jared misses out on the girl.. poor poor Jared.  Do you know what I would of liked to of seen instead of a buff 12-packed Jacob Black – turning into a wolf, a taffy brace-faced pizza loving teenage boy turning into a Jack Russel – now I’d go see that!

Oh money saving tip: read the books instead of the movie, and don’t TELL anyone!


Freda McFishntackle

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