I Do Not Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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I Do Not Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

 Anyone who has been to my home, knows that I do not obsess about cleaning, or doing things a certain way.

I am fairly relaxed – you take me the way you find me usually still in my PJ at 11.30 in the morning!

These things are fairly consistent with me, and don’t really change too much. I never know what I am really supposed to do from day to day, except for the school run, most appointments. If you don’t ring me, I will most likely forget it. I have learnt to programme most important things into my phone and it beeps at me”¦.that is if I remember to take my phone with me!!!

Now the only thing one might notice is if you turn up on any given day and notice where my furniture is, then turn up 5 days later and notice it has been moved!

Dwa0KTHU0AA6t27 | Stay at Home

I might have a small problem with moving furniture around, and rooms. It does drive my family nuts! Especially when we were in SA and hubby was doing night shift. He would come home and trip over furniture because I moved it that night and he just assumed the lounge would be the same 12 hours later!

My friends would be weary when I ring and asked “do you want to come over for a cuppa”? They learnt that meant I will give you a coffee, after we have moved my furniture!!

This really became a problem when we had to live in our 3-bay shed while the house was being built. I am always trying to find the perfect place for everything, and after a week it would be messy again so I would shift the furniture again and clean at the same time. Our media room has been a bedroom, office, spare room  lounge room and now it is spare room/office.

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Hubby has always said shortly after we got married that he will not move the furniture once it was  in the house; that is after I got him to help me at 11pm one night.

These ideas on the perfect room come to me and if I don’t do it, then I spend the rest of the time thinking about it and get nothing else done.

The kids have to be blackmailed into helping me; when they were little they were a lot easier to manipulate! I miss those days!

So since I am basically on my own, I have learnt to buy furniture that has wheels, that is not too heavy – it was a hard lesson learnt. I nearly squashed myself in the stairwell with my huge computer desk! This doesn’t just apply to my furniture, when I want to change my kitchen I just put my drainer on the other side, shift the microwave to a different spot (even though I have a microwave cubby in my kitchen.)

You know the saying “a change is as good as a holiday”?

The Best Furniture Fabric for Pet Owners | Stay at Home

Well I will take the holiday, that way I have plenty of time to think of new ways to change my furniture around when I get home!

That reminds me;  Christmas is nearly here, so heads up kids we need to move furniture; that is if you want Christmas!

P.S – if anyone knows why I do this, I would love to hear from you!

I Do Not Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Stay at Home Mum

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