Body Weight Exercise with Matt

Body Weight Exercise with Matt

Hey SAHM’s, Matt here again.  I hope you have all had a fantastic week and managed to stay warm.

I really enjoyed chatting with everyone last Thursday and thank you for your warm welcome and great questions.  I hope my answers were useful and helped you out this week.

Today I want to discuss body weight exercise, as this is one of the best ways to churn through calories, increase fitness and tone your muscles, all in one short work out.   The other great thing about body weight exercise is you don’t need any equipment so it can be done in the privacy of your own home.   This helps with convenience and also great for your budget, but do be aware that it is always a little harder to stay motivated and consistent when training at home.   We tend to put all the other jobs first before spending a little time on ourselves.   I think it is so beneficial for everyone (especially mums) to have a small amount of time every day to exercise.   Not because of what you can lose, but for what you can gain –  increased energy, improved health, higher self-esteem and not forgetting libido!

Starting small is fine but to feel the real benefits you will need to commit to being regular with your training. About the only way to do that… is to plan! Mothers – you have a thousand and one things to do everyday. Exercise needs to be allocated at time that best fits in with your day. As good as these fantastic toning body weight exercises are, they really won’t provide much benefit by doing them once. So set yourself a goal, plan, be consistent and I promise the rewards will come.

Here is an example of a Body Weight Work Out that you might want to try yourself at home.   This work out is aimed at beginner level but if you are just starting a fitness program ensure that you do a few lighter walks etc. to build yourself up before trying this program.

Warm up (3 min):            Walking/Marching on the spot – 45sec/ 15sec rest x 3 sets

Session (4 min) (complete each exercise at your own pace as many times as you can in the 45 seconds)

– Squats (feet shoulder width apart then sitting up and down onto chair) 45sec/ 15sec rest

– High knees (standing taking one foot off the ground, lifting your knee towards your chest then back down, alternating) 45sec/ 15sec rest

– Push ups (either against wall, on back of couch or on the floor on your knees) 45sec/ 15sec rest

– Overhead punches (standing with hands near your shoulders and punch one arm towards the roof then back down to your shoulder, alternating) 45sec/ 15sec rest

Core (1 min) – Lying on your back with your knees bent at 90 and feet flat on the floor, bracing your pelvic floor and lower abdomen while controlling your breathing. 10sec/ 10sec rest x3

This is a full body cardio and strength work out in under 10 mins.   Start off easy then gradually build up the intensity of each exercise then try adding in a few more sets.   Body weight Exercise is endless in variety, very functional, can be a lot of fun and you could always include the kids in your work out too!

Happy Training, Matt Elley – Keen Az Fitness

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