Goal Setting and Motivation

Goal Setting and Motivation

Hey SAHM’S! Hope the first week back to school has been great, I’m sure most of you are probably enjoying the peace and quiet and looking forward to getting back to normal routine again. (hehe)

Half way through the year already and we all know how busy the months leading into Christmas are. So now is a fantastic time to focus on your health and fitness and set some personal goals to achieve before the holiday season. Setting a realistic, measureable goal with a timeframe should be your first step. But saying ‘you want to lose 5kg’s before December’ is just a statement. To help with motivation and the will power to stay on track you need to ask yourself what is the real reason you want/need this goal. You must find the deep emotional feeling that achieving this goal would bring you.

All most all decisions we make in life are emotional. So if we can attach a feeling to our goals those cross roads that we come faced with every day, with one choice that will take us towards achieving our goals or the another that will send us further away from them, it becomes a little easier to pick the smarter option. Perhaps the small amount of happiness you get from eating that muffin or biscuit with your morning tea doesn’t measure up to the joy and success that you know you will feel when achieving your personal goal.

Once you have found the feeling behind why you want this goal, set some small stepping stones or targets to reach in the closer weeks. Don’t always think of the end, just get your head around the first step or the first kilo and gradually build yourself up making little changes as you go. Always structure your goals in a positive way then write them down and leave them in lots of places around the home so you are constantly reminded of what you are working towards.

And remember Mums if you don’t reach your goal in the desired timeframe, you haven’t failed just move the date and keep on going!

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