Meal Serving Sizes

Meal Serving Sizes

Hey SAHM’s!

Today Im continuing to share my TOP 5 simple everyday health and wellness tips.

Tip number 2: Cut down your meal serving size

One of the main reasons many of us are gradually putting on weight is that we have lost all sense of correct portion sizes.  Most meals we order in restaurants and serve at home are much larger than we actually need to maintain a healthy body weight.

Most people would only need to eat around half of what is on their plate!

Try serving your dinner on a smaller plate and aim for a lean protein serve (around the size of your palm), a little low GI carbohydrate and lots of salad or green veggies. Some salad and vegetables are negative calories, which means they require more energy to digest than what they are actually worth. Add in more salad and veg to your meals to fill your plate and tummy without increasing your calorie intake.

By cutting down your serving size you will limit mistakenly overeating, as most of us will continue eating past the point of hunger if food is right in front of us. Eating small meals more regularly (every 2.5-3hrs) will stop you from getting hungry and only give your body the fuel it requires, so that no extra energy is stored as body fat.

This will take a little getting used to so make sure you gradually cut things down, eat slowly and maybe have a cup of tea after you meal if you are still hungry.

Have a fantastic week Mums and be sure to check in next week for my 3rd simple everyday health and wellness tip.

Thanks Mums, talk soon at 7:15pm

Matt from Keen Az Fitness

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