Tempting Treats

Tempting Treats

Hello again SAHM’s!

Today Im continuing to share my TOP 5 simple everyday health and wellness tips.

Tip number 3:   Don’t keep any tempting treats in the house

Don’t test you self-control by keeping lollies, biscuits, chips, ice-cream or whatever your naughty treat might be in the house. Out of site out of mind really does work. If you open the cupboard and it is starring at you every day it’s always going to be on your mind, this will lead to more cravings and extra snacking.

Instead stock up on healthier snacks to replace the processed sugar filled ones, like; unsalted nuts, low fat natural yogurt, rice crackers, popcorn and fresh fruit. Although some nuts are relatively high in fat, the fat they contain is good fat that our body needs to stay healthy and fruit contains sugar, but it’s a natural sugar and is also pack full of vitamins so is a much better choice. These are a much healthier options for the kids too.

Because these healthier alternatives are so filling, you will probably end up consuming far less total calories than if you ate a less healthy option ands if there is always something nutritious and healthy ready to snack on it will take the decision making out of it and you will be less likely to crave other naughty foods. If you are going to have an occasional treat share it or buy a small serving so there is none left over to keep at home.

Have an awesome week Mums and be sure to check in next Thursday for my next simple everyday health and wellness tip.

Thanks Mums, chat soon at 7:15pm

Matt from Keen Az Fitness

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