Thinking Positive

Thinking Positive

Hey SAHM’S! Have you ever noticed the thousands of thoughts that go through your head every single day? As we process our surroundings our subconscious mind, just like a computer accepts and carries all the information YOU enter into it. Most of us will think that these little thoughts are insignificant, but I want to show you how important your thought patterns are and how they are holding you back from what you could possible achieve.

When it comes to training, we are always going to have some negative thoughts, but to be successful you must focus on the ones that make you feel better about yourself.  If you repeatedly tell yourself you will never be able to lose weight or get your fitness back then your subconscious will lead you right into cheating on your diet, skipping workouts or some other form of self-sabotage.

In order to  get started with your training and stay on track you must take charge of your negative self-talk.  Focus on having control over your thoughts and if you catch yourself having a negative thought like “I’ll never lose weight” or “I just can’t give up chocolate” or “I wont be able to do that” than quickly replace it with a positive thought or affirmation like “I’m eating healthier everyday”  or “Whatever it takes I’ll do it” and “I really like working out”.  Use your affirmations to motivate you forward when your negative thoughts and hurdles are getting the best of you.

Now this might sound easy to do but if you have spent your entire life with negative thinking this will be a struggle at first, it takes time to replace your old negative internal dialogue with more positive self-talk. Remember you subconscious controls your thoughts, you thoughts influence your decisions, your decisions become your actions and your actions will create your lifestyle.

So stay positive Mums!


Keen Az Fitness

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