‘Me Time’ Is Not Selfish

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‘Me Time’ Is Not Selfish

Being a mother is the hardest job on earth.

Unlike an ordinary job, you can’t just abandon the office in frustration and leave the problems at your desk. You can’t say “well at least I don’t have to see the boss over the weekend” because “the boss” upended their dinner on the floor, began crying and then started screaming in your direction.

Motherhood has been the most rewarding experience in my life.

Bringing someone into the world and moulding them to become the next generation, that leads the world hopefully that little bit better than what my generation did, is something that I will always treasure.

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For me, juggling a career in music with motherhood was a constant challenge, however as difficult as touring and working in the industry with a child in tow was, it’s no easier for those Mums who choose to stay at home, who inevitably take on more and more of the stress within the household.

Whether you’re at home or at work, the hardest thing to maintain is a sense of self and to remember the ‘me time’.

It’s not about being selfish”¦ it’s about being fair to yourself and showing your children that taking time for themselves is something that’s as healthy and necessary as regular exercise or eating your vegetables.


Our kids need mothers they can look up to as women, not robot slaves, put on earth to wash their clothes and do their dishes.

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So why do we feel guilty when we put out feet up for the afternoon?

Why should we second guess ourselves when we want to go out for coffee with the girls?

If we enjoy working out at the gym for an hour, why shouldn’t we?

Surely we want our kids to grow up to take time to smell the roses, and surely the best way to do that is to lead by example?

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It doesn’t mean we lock the kids in the cupboard while we eat caviar and get fed grapes by members of Man Power, but it means we look after ourselves so that we have the capacity to be the best mothers we can be.

If we’re run ragged, left with no time to eat healthy, left with no time to exercise, left with no time for expanding our minds and no time to appreciate beauty in the world, we’ll not only be miserable, but we’ll miss out on so much of the joy that being a mother can bring.

It’s easier said than done. Whether it’s advertising or media articles or simply peer pressure, there are constant messages telling mothers they need to do more, invest more and concentrate more on their children. There are people who have never been parents themselves telling us how it should be done.

We absolutely need to invest heavily into bringing our sons and daughters up to be well-rounded citizens of the world and to be there for whatever their needs are, but we need to remember that we were product of OUR mothers, who wanted US to be well-rounded citizens of the world.

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They wanted for us what we want for our kids””they wanted us to be happy, healthy and to continually learn and experience everything life has to offer.

Let’s honour that for them at the same time as showing our kids how it’s done. Take that time for yourself that both you and your children deserve.

Drop the guilt and schedule that well deserved me time!

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