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To have a healthy body, we need to supply our body with a constant source of good nutrition – and this means a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, wholegrains and fats everyday to nourish the cells in our body.

However, because most of us are strapped for time and are tired, we can often neglect our own nutritional needs which can lead to a lack of energy, dull hair and skin, weight gain and generally not feeling on the top of our game.

There are also some other telltale signs that our body gives us if it is lacking in certain nutrients – and this is a really easy way to tell if you are nutrient deficient in one area:

1. Cracked corners in your mouth.

This can be a sign of B2 deficiency.

cracked lips
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2. Pimples

Pimples or spots on the jaw, can be a sign of kidney issues. Pimples around the mouth, can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance (often at the time of the month for women). Pimples on the head can be a sign of congested intestinal area – which is often a result of consuming too much dairy. Spots on the top of arms can be a sign of beta carotene, B complex and essential fatty acid deficiency.


3. Dark circles under the eyes

This can indicate food allergies and weak kidneys – but please note, many people have dark circles that are there because of the bone structure of your face and no amount of creams or foods can correct it.

Woman's eye

4. Restless legs

This can be a sign of low calcium and magnesium levels.

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5. Stomach pains

This can be a sign of insufficient digestive enzymes.

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