11 Signs Our Body Needs Better NutritionMake sure you listen to your own body.

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6. Cloudy urine

This can be a sign that the body is acidic after eating the wrong foods.

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7. Constipation

This can be a sign of food allergies or low digestive enzymes.

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8. Tiredness

This can often be linked to low iron levels.

9. Varicose veins

This can be a sign of a congested liver.


10. Dry skin

This can be a sign of a deficiency in Vitamin A, B and Omega 3 plus too much processed foods.


11. Excess ear wax

This can indicate deficiency in essential fatty acids.

Although some of these issues will be linked to other medical conditions and you should always get any symptoms checked out by your doctor, it is surprising to learn how many will go once a person’s nutritional imbalances are adjusted and a more healthy eating plan is adopted.

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