10 Brilliant Space-Saving Ideas for Kids BedroomsRunning out of room? Here are some ideas!

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Kids’ bedrooms are usually small compared to the main bedroom, yet kids have tons of stuff so you need a bigger space for it right? Wrong!

All you need to do is maximise the small space in your kids’ bedroom to get the most out of it.

You can also convert some areas in your house so you can store some of their stuff (because they’ve got tons of stuff!) Here are 10 amazing space-saving ideas for kids bedrooms to inspire you.

1. Using bunk beds is not only a stroke of genius, it’s fun for the kids.

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2. Add a small nook in your kid’s bedroom where he/she could play.

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3. Organise your kids’ things in their study area using shelves and some baskets.

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4. Organise your kids’ toys in baskets and add cushion above the shelves where they can rest or play.


5. Use spaces under your kids’ beds to store their things.


6. Convert the space under your kid’s bed into a play area.

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7. No more stepping on little cars with this customised “matchbox car garage”.

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8. Convert a cupboard into a nursery.

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9. Add some shelves close to the bed.

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10. Use the space above your laundry machine as a storage for your kids’ stuff.


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Aren’t these space-saving ideas for kids bedrooms just brilliant?

10 Brilliant Space-Saving Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

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