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The bedroom should be a cosy place, but if you feel like your bedroom is lacking that feeling, it can be hard to know what to do about it.

Sometimes what your space is missing is just a little detail, a piece of furniture, or even a bed cover or throw. Of course, there are so many of these available on the market, it’s overwhelming to make a decision. We’ve just been making some bedroom updates at SAHM, and here are some of the products that we’d love to add to our cosy bedrooms!

10 Cosy Things We'd Love In Our Bedroom

1. Cactus Ring Holder


Jewellery does have a tendency to just pile up on the side, on bedside tables, counter tops and so on. That’s why this adorable ceramic jewellery holder is just what we’ve been looking for. Cactuses are so in, and we love them because they’re so hard to kill, so this fits right into our space. Talk about the perfect idea to keep all those treasured rings and bangles safe!

2. Karlsson Tabletop Copper Alarm Clock


Using your phone as an alarm clock doesn’t do much for us, which is why we’ve been on the lookout for a pretty little alarm clock like this one. This Karlsson Tabletop Copper Alarm Clock is a minimalist delight with stunning copper and white tones that will fit into almost any space. With its copper frame, bold hands and classy colours, you can’t get any trendier. It’ll look stunning on your bedside table, adding class not clutter your bedroom’s décor. Added to that, the silent arm movement means your sleep will go uninterrupted right up until it pleasantly wakes you up in time for pancakes and coffee before the day gets started.

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