10 Housework Songs To Get You Groovin’Here are songs to get your housework beat started!

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It is rare to find people who like to do their household chores in complete silence.

There has got to be some positive vibes going on in there to get your energy kicking, and coffee alone can’t do the job. We came up with a list that will help put some funk in your house work. Mums chimed in to give their on faves and we’ve included them in the list.

10 Housework Songs To Get You Groovin'

Here are some fabulous songs to get your ‘boogie’ on whilst doing the housework!

1. Funkytown (Lipps Inc.)

“Hooray! It’s house work day today and every day!” no one said ever. You’d even have to drag yourself across the floor from your bedroom to your living room just to get things done sometimes. Now turn it up and strut it like you would in funky town!

2. Let Me See Your Hips Swing (Savage)

Nothing too fast, nothing too slow, just enough to get your pulse going. That’s right, that’s how you hold the vacuum, babe.

3. I Want to Break Free (Queen)

Who doesn’t?! But sure, go ahead and say it out loud.

4. Dangerous (Roxette)

Every tired mum is, but it’s always better to send off an early warning.

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