100 Most Popular Dog Names for 2020

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100 Most Popular Dog Names for 2020

Thinking of getting a dog? We have some of the most popular dog names this year that we think you and your family would love to name the newest member of your family.

In my personal opinion, this is the best time of the year to get a dog. The holiday season is over so my house situation is back to normal. Summer is almost over (although it is still hot) and the kids are still around for the school hols. There are a few weeks for the whole family to help out get to know and train the new puppy.

So, yeah, those are my reasons. It’s definitely up to you when to get a new dog, but what matters most is what you’re going to name him or her! Here are a hundred suggestions!

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100. Maverick

99. Peanut

98. Scooby

97. Simba

96. Thor

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95. Snickers

94. Princess

93. Muffin

92. Boomer

91. Lady

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90. Davey

89. Judge

88. Bandit

87. Loki

86. Oreo

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85. Mitzy

84. Chanel

83. Otis

82. Rambo

81. Murphy

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80. Butch

79. Spot

78. Misty

77. Odin

76. Kobe

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75. Cricket

74. Brownie

73. Biscuit

72. Duke

71. Sam

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70. Shadow

69. Scout

68. Buster

67. Lucky

66. Bentley

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65. Bruce

64. Jax

63. Banjo

62. Louie

61. Rex

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60. Cleo


58. Cookie


56. Honey

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55. Penny

54. Lily

53. Henry

52. Benji

51. Bruno

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50. Zoe

49. Butters

48. Zeus

47. Winston

46. Jasper

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45. Monty

44. Mia

43. Chloe

42. Lulu

41. Gus

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40. Baxter

39. Rusty

38. Sasha

37. Missy

36. Millie

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35. Alfie

34. George

33. Hugo

32. Bonnie

31. Pepper

30. Ollie

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29. Roxy

28. Poppy

27. Leo

26. Tilly

25. Cooper

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24. Bear

23. Ziggy

22. Nala

21. Harley

20. Buster

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19. Frankie

18. Bailey

17. Teddy

16. Jack

15. Toby

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14. Bella

13. Ruby

12. Coco

11. Molly

10. Lucy

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9. Lola

8. Rosie

7. Daisy

6. Archie

5. Milo

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4. Oscar

3. Buddy

2. Max

1. Charlie

There you go, 100 names you can name your new puppy.

Dogs are lovely and I’m sure you and your family will enjoy!

100 Most Popular Dog Names for 2020 | Stay at Home

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