15 Most Expensive Furniture Items For When You Are Filthy Rich

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15 Most Expensive Furniture Items For When You Are Filthy Rich

Furniture plays an important part in designing your home. So important, that without it, a house doesn’t look or function like a home.

And besides, there’d be nowhere to sit!

A house should be adorned with the right kind of furniture that, of course, should be functional and easy on the wallet. Guests should feel welcome as they step into the living room complete with a sofa, extra chairs, an impressive shelf maybe some warm soft furnishings.

In my case, I want to keep it cheap and practical (hello children!) and Ikea is my go-to store. But, let’s assume if the money is not an object for this matter, would you splurge a fortune to own the rarest and most expensive pieces in the world?

This is the kind of furniture that will be owned by privileged elites who treat money as a perishable item. Well, sit back, relax and hold on to your pockets, we’re sharing to you 15 most expensive furniture items in the world. And we just felt like switching places with the filthy rich kids just for the moment.

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15. Indoor Swing

If you’re a minimalist with the maximum spirit for fun and adventure, then you might consider to purchase this playful piece. Polish designer Iwona Kosicka makes her own version of a comfortable chair she called the SWING. The furniture is made from oakwood with linseed oil. Jump in for a miniature joyride for only $900.


14. Hanging Geometric Zome 

Move over old tire swing and hammocks! Here’s what comfort leisure should be. Kodama Zomes, made from 316 stainless steel and custom-designed mattres and cushion, are designed to dangle above the ground and sways like a pendulum. This furniture will be a showstopper in your patio or yard for all guests both kids and adults alike. Swing to happiness for only $5,400.


13. Butterfly Chairs

Apparently, these chairs just looks like they can fly. Santo & Jean Ya designed this elegant piece that infuses an ancient and contemporary arhitecture. The making of this Butterfly chair is quite complicated which makes it a rare find in the market. The golden chair frame is cast onto a one-piece frame without using soldering or joints. Such exceptional feature comes with a high price of $22000. Eeek!


12. Vividus Mattress

Vividus mattress which means “full of life” is the world’s most expensive bed. The maker of this bed, Hastenns, has described the experience like “sleeping on a cloud”. This is made possible with its various lavish stuffings like cashmere, flax, silk, lambswool and hand-tufted horse hair. You’ll have the most comfortable sleep ever without worrying about body strains the next morning. With this luxury comes a high price of $59,750.



11. Archeo Copper Bathtub

This bathtub will give you the experience of bathing like queens and kings of the Renaissance period. This tub, which was made by the same hands of the person who designed the Statue of Liberty, is made from solid copper which contains a handheld shower and faucet. The tub requires 270 litres of water to fill it up and might be appropriate for all sizes of people. It’s suitable for wealthy people who could spare $67,557 for a luxurious bath.



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