7 Strange Beds You’d Secretly Love to Have

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7 Strange Beds You’d Secretly Love to Have

As we spend at least a quarter of our time each day sleeping, we want to make sure it’s worth it, right?

Sleeping is sometimes a luxury for tired mums, and so we want to make sure every second of our time in dreamland worth it. And most of the time, getting a good night’s sleep lies in the type of bed we sleep in.

Sure we want to pick the most comfortable bed in the world, but it wouldn’t hurt if we pick the one we dream of or even those seemingly impossible ones that came from our imaginations that have gone wild — now, would it? So, let’s see if one of the strange beds you wish you have made it to our list.

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1. The Net Bed

We’ve always wanted a bed that’s cool. Well, this one literally is.

zevk duskunu uykuda bile hamak pesinde 2865 I3 | Stay at Home

2. Roller Coaster Bed

This one’s a hit for people who can’t seem to stay in one place while sleeping — a nice piece of artwork from Cuban art group Los Carpinteros called “La Montaña Rusa”.

Strange Beds You'd Secretly Love to Have | Stay At Home Mum

3. Rocking Bed

For those who can’t get enough of the feeling of being swayed to sleep, this rocking bed will have you sleeping like a baby.

Strange Beds You'd Secretly Love to Have | Stay At Home Mum

4. Giant Nest Bed

Not only great for sleeping, this bed is ideal for reading, browsing, talking with a group of friends or just about any bonding experience with family and friends.

birds nest bed1 640x534 1 | Stay at Home

5. Ball Bed

Made from 120 soft balls joined to become a morphable bed, this ball bed’s the one I gotta have. You can twist and bend the balls in any way you want. No need for pillows I suppose.

Stay At Home Mum

6. Burger Bed

Taking your love for hamburger to the next level, this burger bed will make sleeping a mouth-watering experience. Squeeze it and be squeezed (in between those buns) — either way, it’s your hamburger dream come true.

Stay At Home Mum

7. Hi-Can Bed

Finally, probably the most hi-tech bed one could ever have. Who dreams of waking up to your favourite entertainment? Who wants to sleep in a smart bed that knows what you need and that even monitors your health? HiCan does it all with its unique marriage of design, technology and comfort.

HiCan 01 | Stay at Home

Which of these strange beds is your favourite?

7 Strange Beds You'd Secretly Love to Have | Stay At Home Mum

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