Appliance Fails

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Appliance Fails

All appliances are originally designed with a solution for modern living in mind. Some of them are so useful, we don’t know how we ever lived without them! But for all those amazing appliances there are also quite a few doozies or just plain bizarre appliances. Take a look at our top five appliance fails.

Electric Baby Wipe Warmer  

After selling over 150,000 in the United States of these baby wipe warmers essentially a machine which looks like a laminating machine that you whiz your baby wipes through for warming before wiping baby’s bottom they were all recalled due to being a dangerous electrical shocking hazard.

It appears as if in the haste to get their amazing invention on the market they forgot to appropriately insulate the electrical cord, in the end sending them broke and the product buried forever.

Solar Powered Milk Frother

With coffee machines now vital tools of modern living, coffee appliances have been making their way into our homes for decades. We’ve all seen a handheld milk frother, a battery operated wand which whisks milk in to an electric powered frothing frenzy in no time at all.

Someone got thinking and somehow married this little device with the eco power source mini solar panels. A solar-powered milk frother for making your cappucino in an eco-friendly way. Absurd? Yes.  You’ll be back to flat whites the first rainy day.

‘Personal’ Massagers

Who doesn’t love a bit of junk mail? Particularly those mail order catalogues with crazy gadgets for old people. It is here you’ll find the easiest way to have a sex toy home delivered in discreet packaging. The ‘personal massager’ photo shows Gran massaging out a knot under her shoulder blade with her personal massage wand with a look of pleasure on her face. She may as well be winking at us too we all know what a personal massager is really for. You can also order, via the internet, Bosom Massagers from China. In elegant English the product is described as a “creative home appliance new strange lazy supplies of beautiful bosom massage 24 roller”.  Huh? Well the idea of this appliance is the more you roll these massagers on your breasts the more beautiful your bosoms will be.

Electromechanical Teenager Repellent

Howard Stapleton (from Wales) invented a device that makes annoying high-pitched noise designed to be audible to teenagers but not to adults. The “Mosquito” ultrasonic teenage deterrent aims to solve the problem of unwanted gatherings of youths anywhere they are causing problems. The fail here is that it is not widely available enough. We could really use one to manage the party animal teenagers over the road. 

Dog-to-Human Language Translation Device

Three Japanese scientists invented Bow-Lingual, a computer-based automatic dog-to-human language translation device. The Bow-Lingual is a two-piece set””a wireless microphone that attaches to your dog’s collar, and a walkie-talkie-looking handset with an LCD screen. Barks and yelps are transmitted to the handset, where their voiceprint is analysed and placed into one of six emotional categories: happy, sad, on guard, frustrated, needy, or assertive. Once the appropriate emotional state is determined, the Bow-Lingual randomly selects a phrase belonging to that category and displays it on the screen. Being so random, it’s also pretty random when it comes to accuracy and as expected, didn’t take off.

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