5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to your Bathroom

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5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to your Bathroom

As hardworking mums, we deserve a holiday every now and then.

Leaving behind the worries of screaming kids and escaping to paradise always sounds amazing, doesn’t it? One of the most exciting parts of whooshing off on a tropical island getaway is experiencing a new luxurious way of life. Resort living means resting the day away by the pool, over-indulging in yummy local delicacies, and staying in swanky modern rooms with bathrooms that just scream luxury.

Sadly as we all know, jetting off to an island paradise doesn’t look like it’ll be possible anytime soon. But, if we can’t bring ourselves to the island, we can at least bring a slice of luxe resort living to us. Or, more specifically, to our bathrooms.

Due to the joys of parenting, bathrooms can be swept to the wayside when it comes to spicing up our home’s interior. Between our kids smudging their fingers on the mirrors and leaving toys everywhere, the bathroom is not a place that typically shines. It can also just be a fairly uninspiring room from a design sense, and so is often left to serve for functionality above all else. However, with a few simple inexpensive inclusions, you can easily transform your ordinary family bathroom into a resort-quality luxury space that you’ll never want to leave.

Here are 5 simple tips to give your bathroom a total glow up and create the ultimate mummy escape pod.

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Add Some Greenery

Let’s start easy. Adding a touch of greenery to your bathroom space is probably the fastest way to transform the room into an inviting home sanctuary. Plants add warmth, and can instantly revamp a cold, stark bathroom into a comforting spa-like space where you can escape motherhood for a little while.

Whether your bathroom is big or small, there’s a long list of ways to incorporate plant life into it seamlessly. If you’re working with minimal floor space or have kids with curious fingers, simply attach some ceiling hooks and hang your greenery up high to create a lush hideaway vibe. Or channel a tropical jungle by draping flowing vine plants down your bathroom shelves. For a more minimalist look, opt for a few small succulents on your vanity for little pops of colour. The options are endless! Plants are also a great way to show your children responsibility before they inevitably start begging for a family pet. It’s a win-win!

Let’s be honest though, not all of us are blessed with a green thumb. All it takes is one wrong look, and plants start to wilt around us in every direction. Real plants need A LOT of love and care to thrive, and some of us just don’t need to take on that responsibility when we already have our kids to worry about. Don’t worry though, artificial greenery has come to the rescue! Synthetic plants are the perfect solution for those of us that just can’t seem to get along with actual living flora. Fake plants tend to be cheaper than their real counterparts and, in all honestly, most people can’t tell the difference anyway.

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Install A Bidet

Ah yes, the bidet. An exotic staple of most offshore trips abroad. These strange bathroom features are the epitome of extravagance that every mum deserves. Even the name ‘bidet’ just oozes luxury. Installing one of these fixtures will make you feel like you have your very own resort bathroom right in your home. What more could you ask for?

Bidets not only give your bathroom space that extra fancy touch, but they also offer plenty of financial benefits to keep your pocket happy too! If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that toilet paper isn’t always guaranteed. But with an in-home bidet, toilet paper will be a thing of the past. Removing toilet paper from the weekly shopping list will equal big savings over time, meaning the bidet will eventually pay for itself! Sounds amazing? I thought so.

This may surprise you, but bidets are actually super kid-friendly! If your child is potty trained but still at the age where they need mum’s help to clean up, a bidet will come in handy. They’re an absolute lifesaver if your child has irritation around their backside, as water is far kinder on the skin than wiping it dry with toilet paper. Just monitor the water pressure for your kids and give them time to adjust, and you’ll be a bidet family before you know it!

Before you rush off to get your bidet underway, you should book a civil plumber or  licensed plumber   to handle all the dirty details. While some of us power mums like to personally take care of new home additions, bidet installation definitely isn’t a DIY job.

Whether you’re after a plumber in Adelaide or Brisbane, your local plumber will get your bidet installed the right way, so your family can sit back and enjoy a luxury cleaning experience like no other.

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Introduce Warm Tones

Bathrooms by nature tend to be quite cold and bleak, and don’t really give us the tropical island getaway vibes we’re after. Adding some wooden accents can go a long way to combat this. Incorporating some small wooden elements, like a small tray or bath caddy, can soften even the harshest of bathroom tones and create a more eye-pleasing effect. This is a super easy and inexpensive way to elevate your bathroom’s overall look into a chic and luxurious setting.

The best thing about wood is that it’s really a mum’s best friend. It’s an essentially kid-proof element – that’s why so many children’s toys are made from it! Wooden items are extremely durable, so if your curious child does manage to scratch them up it will just make them look more rustic.

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Two Words: Towel Warmer

There’s really nothing better than spending the day lazily floating around the pool and getting out to a nice soft towel that has been warming up in the sun. This is the peak of luxe living, and you can experience this little slice of bliss every single day, right in your very own home. Installing a towel warmer in your home will make every bathroom encounter feel like a trip to the spa. Stepping out of the shower to a warm towel hug every morning? It just doesn’t get any better than that!

For a busy mum on the go, washing the bathroom towels isn’t always a huge priority. But there’s nothing worse after a shower than picking up a damp, smelly towel that hasn’t dried from its last use. Towel warmers can remove this annoyance from everyday life. They’ll quickly dry your towels and keep them fresh for longer, so you can focus on the more important mummy duties.

Not sold yet? How about this – these handy little inventions aren’t just good for heating your towels. They can also act as a secondary heat source, keeping your bathroom just that little bit extra cosy on those cold early mornings before work. They’re also incredibly versatile and come in a wide range of designs, so you can be sure to find one that fits your own personal style.

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Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Did I mention accessories? You might think that scattering a few candles about won’t accomplish much, but think again. Adding in some small details, like scented candles or diffusers, can really tie a bathroom look together and kick it up a notch to true luxury status. Just think of these lavish finer details as the last finishing touches to your dream bathroom design, like tieing a big gorgeous bow on a perfectly wrapped present.

If you’re worried about the potentially high price point of these lush items, don’t be! Modern style thrives on aesthetics, and the demand for indulgent home decor means that luxury accessories are now more affordable than ever. You can easily find stunning items that ooze elegance without the crazy price tag. Designing the perfect luxury bathroom setting has never been so easy!

As much as we love our children, it’s natural to want mummy escape time every now and then. With your very own luxury mummy hideout, you’ll have regular access to the perfect R&R spot whenever you need it.

5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to your Bathroom | Stay At Home Mum

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