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Are you a sheet snob? Would you rather spend your money on a latex pillow than a weekend away in Sydney?

With more families opting to have a Staycation rather than a vacation, more and more of us are spending money on where we spend the most time – our beds!  And it is a great way to enjoy luxury living, even if its only in the bedroom.

But how do you tell good linen from bad (before you get it home and sleep on it)?

Today we show you what all the terminology for manchester involves, and how to spot the good stuff from the nasty!

The Truth About Thread Count:

We have been conditioned by the media to think that just because sheets are 1000 thread count or more, that the sheets are shit-hot quality.  But unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  Thread count does mean the number of threads woven into a 1 inch (2.5cm) square.  But some dodgier manchester providers will weave extra threads into this square to be able to advertise that their thread count is higher than it really is.

So if you see an insanely high thread count for a very low price, you have to ask yourself if this is the bargain you think it is?

The thing is, it isn’t so much about the thread count so much as what the sheets are actually made from.  There are beautiful Egyptian Cotton Sheets with only a 200 thread count that would be a dream to sleep on – so don’t get enamoured with the number.

FACT:  Thread count is just a marketing ploy to get you to part with your money!  What the sheets are made of is the most important thing to look for!

What Are the Sheets Made From?

When deciding on sheets, the biggest consideration is what the sheets are actually made from.  Let’s go through the most common ‘ingredients’ in sheets!

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The very best cotton in the entire world is grown in Egypt.  So when a sheet set advertises that it is Egyptian cotton – it is worth having a closer look.  If you are looking for that very top-notch quality – is it 100% Egyptian Cotton?

Also, check if it has the Cotton Egypt Association official gold seal. This is a guarantee that the sheets you are looking for do indeed contain the premium Egyptian cotton.

Where to buy Egyptian Cotton Sheets:

Egyptian Cotton T-Shirts - High Quality, High Comfort, Cotton T-Shirts and Pants

Linen Sheets

Linen sheets are what you imagine when you slept at your Grandma’s house.  Those beautiful soft sheets that have been washed a million times and get even softer with every single wash.  You’d want to sleep on linen sheets on a hot, summer day. Linen sheets are both lightweight and breathable. You won’t be sweating through your sleep on this one. Linen sheets are definitely comfy and cozy. They are also pretty expensive!

The best linen sheets are made from 100% French Flax.

  • Great for people who sweat a lot at night
  • Very long-lasting
  • Hypoallergenic

The cons of linen sheets include:

  • The linen can feel a little rough until they have been washed a few times
  • Very expensive
  • Wrinkle easily – but you can iron them (don’t knock ironed sheets – they are amazing!).

Our recommendation for Linen Sheets are:

Fog & White Linen Sheet Set by Bed Threads


Organic Cotton Sheets

If it’s guilt-free sleep you want, organic cotton is the way to go. Organic cotton utilises less water and no pesticides which mean it’s good for you and the environment. And since this has no blends, it is less likely to irritate your skin.

Cotton Sateen

Don’t confuse Sateen for Satin. They’re kind of the same but different. While Sateen comes from satin weave, instead of the natural satin fibre, it is from treated cotton fibres. If you look closely at Sateen, it has a diagonal weave. Better watch out for fake Sateens on the market! It should still feel luxurious like satin but durable as cotton.

The only problem with cotton sateen sheets is that they don’t have a long lifespan.  So expect to be trading them in after about five years.

Stockists of the best Cotton Sateen Sheets:

Cotton Sateen Sheets | Stay at Home Mum

Bamboo Sheets

Not all quality sheets are expensive. Bamboo sheets have the same qualities as silk for less! The difference? And you might actually prefer this too. Bamboo is vegan! It’s hypoallergenic as well.

Pros of Bamboo Sheets:

  • They are soft
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Highly breathable
  • Great for night sweaters as bamboo sheets are cool

Cons of bamboo sheets:

  • Cost more than traditional cotton sheets

Stockists of the best Bamboo Sheets:

Bamboo Cotton Pistachio Sheets | Stay at Home Mum

Bamboo Cotton Pistachio Sheet Separates from Adairs

Flannelette Sheets

Flannelette will get you through the cold nights. Made from soft spun cotton yarns, flannelette is the best snuggle buddy. For durability, pick a flannelette set that is brushed on both sides. It’s a special brushing method on cotton sheets that gives flannelette its unique fluffy and cosy feel.

Pros of flannelette sheets:

  • They are super cosy, comfortable and very warm
  • They are breathable
  • Lots of bright colours and styles
  • Cheap!

Cons of flannelette sheets:

  • You can overheat
  • They tend to pill over time
  • They can wrinkle

Stockists of the best flannelette sheets:

Adairs Kids Sweet Little Bunny Pink Flannelette Sheet Set | Stay at Home Mum

Sweet Little Bunny Pink Flannelette Sheet Set by Adairs

Tencel Sheets

Do you know what’s new? Tencel! Tencel is actually a brand. It’s been around since 1972 but has gained recognition only recently. The sheets are from pulps of eucalyptus trees. The filaments are woven into smooth yet strong sheets.

Stockists of Tencel Sheets:

Silk Sheets

When we hear the word silk, it automatically gives us a satisfying sensation, or you can imagine a round bed with black silk sheets from the 80’s.  Be it silk nighties or silk robes, who doesn’t love silk? Sleeping in silk is the absolute luxury! It comes with a price too along with benefits. Both for the cold days and warm nights, silk is very comfortable to sleep in. It’s also hypoallergenic.

Where to buy silk sheets:

Pure Silk Champagne Sheet Set | Stay at Home Mum

Pure Silk Champagne Sheet Set from Adairs

Percale Sheets

Percale sheets are chill. Percale has square weaves and is tightly woven creating a strong fabric and smooth finish. So if you wanna lay around the whole afternoon, replace your current sheets with percale.

Pros of Percale Sheets:

  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cool in Summer

Cons of Percale Sheets:

  • They can be wrinkly after washing
  • They ‘rustle’ when you move in them
  • Expensive

Where to buy Percale Sheets:

Polyester Sheets

Obviously, polyester is durable. It can last you for a while. This is good for families with kids who play around all the time since polyester dries fast and is wrinkle resistant. The best part is, it fits the budget!

Were They Made in Europe?

The best weavers are in Italy, but not all the best sheets are made in Europe. The bedsheet industry has become very competitive recently that manufacturers from all over the globe are competing for the best sheets.

Our Picks of the Best Sheet Sets in Australia:

If you are looking for a brand new sheet set in Australia – here are some of the more reputable brands!


Look for their 1000 thread count Hotel Luxury Sheet Sets.  They are amazing! Sheridan Factory Outlet (for Sheridan seconds)

Our Pick: Sheridan 1000TC Hotel Luxury Sheet Set 

These luxurious, high quality 100% cotton sheets will make you feel like you’re spending the night away in a 5 star hotel! 

Bed Threads: 100% Flax Linen Sheet Set 

These beautiful sheets are made purely from French Flax Linen. It’s a great set to use all year round, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer! 


Our Pick: Home Republic 600TC Bamboo Cotton Sheets 

These smooth, breathable sheets are a blend of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton. Bonus is they are hypoallergenic! 


Our Pick: BedT Jersey Sheet Sets 

The BedT Sheet Set are 100% cotton, they are lightweight, breathable and so soft! These sheets come in two shades of grey and white. 

Pillow Talk

Our Pick: Cotton Lyocell Linen Sheet Set 

A combination of cotton, lyocell and linen, this sheet set is amazingly soft and breathable! They come in blush, navy, sage and white. t’s a great environmentally friendly option, as the fabric has been tested and certified that it is free from harmful substances.


Our Pick: 100% Bamboo Sheet Set 

The Bambtek sheet set is 100% Bamboo. You will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud with how soft they feel! 

Sheridan Outlet

Our Pick: Flannelette Sheet Set 

For Sheridan products but a bit cheaper, the Sheridan outlet is great! There is nothing better than hopping into bed after a shower and this flannelette set is perfect for that. Keeping you cozy and warm in winter! 


Our Pick: Pure Linen Sheets Set 

This sheet set is 100% French Linen. It’s a great sheet set to have in summer, the sheets are so light and breathable, it is bound to help you get a good night’s sleep! 

We do spend half of our lives in bed, why not invest in good sheets? Tell us what you think!

What Does Sheet Thread Count Even Mean? | Stay at Home Mum

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