How To Save Money Building or Renovating

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How To Save Money Building or Renovating

I am always proud to tell people that I built my own house. Yep! Right from scratch. 

I designed it and I built it – myself.

Did I save a fortune? Hell yes!

Was it hard? Bloody Oath! but nothing worth having ever comes easily. 

I can honestly say the four years it took to design and build a house from scratch was the best, worst, and most frustrating time of my whole life. There was blood, sweat, tear and a whole lot of power tools.

The internet makes the world a really small place, and if you have the time, you too can get a great deal on renovating or building your own home. This is where I made the most savings:


1. Ebay


I love Ebay and I reckon about 30% of my house was purchased from ebay. Door handles, doors, claw foot baths, tiles, sinks, shower trays, taps all ebay. The key to saving money is to know EXACTLY what you’re looking for; the brand, the style, the quality and how much they are worth retail. If you’re not sure, do more research. Ebay is only cheap if you get exactly what you’re looking for at the right price.

2. Trading Post/Weekend Shopper/Gumtree/Local Paper


Same deal as Ebay but it’s more localised. This is great for the BIG items that can’t/aren’t worth transporting. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Place a WANTED ad. This works so well and you can have your choice of items! For the $30 – $50 it will cost, you will certainly make that back in savings – especially if it’s something really unique.

3. Flat-Pack Kitchens


I ADORE flat-pack kitchens. You can get them from places like IKEA and Bunnings. They are great quality, cheap as chips and are super easy to install yourself. All you need is a screwdriver and a cordless drill. You can usually download a free kitchen planner from their website and decide what you want down to the last piece before even leaving home. Make sure you take a ute, a detailed list and some change for a sausage sizzle on the way out! If you love jigsaw puzzles, you’ll love these!

4. Recycled Timbers


I love timber. The way it feels under your feet, the warmth of the look, the smell, it’s just beautiful. I think it’s very easy to keep clean and it is always in style. Search local recycled timber yards for great deals on recycled timbers for floors or bench tops. Now, it won’t be cheap – but will certainly be less expensive than caesarstone tops and tiles.

These are just a few ways to save a bomb on building or renovating a house. Want to buy your first home and are struggling with the deposit? Check out our post on Saving A Deposit For A House!

Can you suggest any other places to get cheap building supplies?


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