11 Essential Oils You Can Use To Clean The House

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11 Essential Oils You Can Use To Clean The House

Essential oils are not only used for their aromatic qualities but also for various other uses, like cleaning your house! 

I usually get migraines and I love putting some drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil in my humidifier and it magically lulls me to sleep. But aside from being my migraine reliever, eucalyptus and lavender oils have a lot of different uses and that’s why I love them so much.

Here are some essential oils you can use to clean the house:

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Thyme Oil

Aside from the fresh version being a good ingredient for soups, casseroles and sauteed vegetables, thyme is a good herb for keeping away pests like beetles. Also thyme is believed to be effective against salmonella, so you can add some drops of thyme oil into your utensils that have had contact with raw meat.

Thyme Oil is also a great insect repellent, you apply it to your skin and it will naturally repel mosquitoes for up to three hours.  Mix it with something like coconut oil first as Thyme Oil is quite strong!

Medicinal Uses for Thyme Oil

Thyme Oil also contains antibacterial properties making it a good natural way to treat a few different conditions.  It is commonly used to treat dermatitis (eczema) and when mixed with a carrier oil, can be massaged into the scalp to treat hair loss!

Note: Never ever ingest essential oils!

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Pine Oil

Pine oil is a pretty famous ingredient for commercial cleansers (hello Pine-O-Cleen), for soaps, detergents and for various pharmaceutical preparations. Pine is also found in nasal decongestants, ointments, pain relievers and in cough and cold medicines.

Pine oil is known to be effective at killing yeast spores, E.coli and other household germs. Pine is perfect for cleaning grimy tiles and floors. It is also a great insect repellent. To keep away bugs from your closet, pour 10 drops of pine oil on tiny pieces of untreated wood and place it on drawers and closets. Putting four drops of pine oil into a cup of water and spraying it into a room can eliminate the smell of stale air and cigarettes.

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Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has a lot of uses around the home. Because of its fresh, cool scent and antibacterial properties, it is usually added to cleaning sprays and deodorizers. It can also repel ants and spiders – all you need do is mix 10-15 drops with a cup of water and spray along nooks and crannies where ants are roaming.

Essential oils could also be combined together for custom aromatic scents. Peppermint mixes especially well with other essential oils popular for cleaning, including lavender, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary.

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Lavender Oil

When paired with vinegar, lavender is one of the best oils to use for cleaning. It has a nice aroma and a natural antibacterial property. Add 4-5 drops of lavender oil to a part vinegar and part water mixture and use it for spraying on stuff you want to clean or disinfect. Lavender is also a good addition to homemade dish soap and as a linen or room spray.

Can’t sleep or have a headache?  Mix a few drops of lavender oil into 500ml of water and rub a few drops of the mixture onto your forehead and temples – it is a great way to induce sleep naturally and can ease a headache or migraine.

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Eucalyptus Oil

My favourite! Because of its fresh scent, it busts my clogged sinuses and relieves my migraines, every damn time. Eucalyptus oil is also good for busting dust mites. Mix it with bicarb soda and it will be amazing for your mattresses and your kids’ stuffed toys. Eucalyptus oil is also good for removing adhesive residue on glass.

Clean your kitchen and bathroom using eucalyptus oil. The leaves are also good for storing in cupboards to keep insects at bay.

Want to make your washing smell incredible?  Add a few drops to every wash.  And if you are using your dryer, add a few drops to a cloth and pop it in with the rest of your clothing, and the scent will make your washing smell ahhhhmazing!

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Where to Buy Eucalyptus Oil | Stay at Home Mum

Lemon Oil

Because of having a clean, light scent, lemon oil is one of the most used in cleaning the household. With its natural antiviral and antibacterial properties, lemon oil is good for degreasing stubborn stains and freshening the air. Use some lemon oil to lessen the odors in your fridge and clean your floors. Mix 10 drops of lemon oil with half a cup of olive oil and use it to polish leather or wood.

Drop some lemon oil into your laundry to achieve brighter and whiter clothes. Not to mention fresh-smelling too!

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Where to Buy Lemon Oil | Stay at Home Mum

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil

Derived from the Australian Melaleuca tree, this essential oil has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Use tea tree oil to bust mould and mildew around your house, by mixing two teaspoons of tea tree oil with two cups water or white vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle, spray it around the house and you’re good to go. You can also bring the spray bottle with you anywhere and spray the tea tree mixture whenever there is a musty smell.

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Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. Powerful against mould, it’s a great addition to homemade mould and mildew spray. Ground cinnamon and its essential oil are both effective against pests. Sprinkle the ground cinnamon anywhere that pests are seen or apply pure undiluted cinnamon essential oil to the areas with a cotton swab.

Stockists of Cinnamon Oil

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Sweet Orange Oil

Not only does orange oil have a nice, pleasant scent, but, like lemon, it’s great against grease. Use 1-2 drops to lift grease or glue from surfaces or combine 12 drops with 1/4 cup castile soap and water to wipe down stovetops and counters. Orange oil could also be added in mixtures to produce homemade fabric softener crystals, natural floor cleaner, and an energizing kitchen spray.

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Rosemary Oil

Rosemary’s natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it a great addition to homemade dish soap and laundry detergent. Essential oils are perfect for homemade air freshener sprays, and the combination of peppermint and rosemary is perfect when you need to stay focused when doing tasks.

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Grapefruit Oil

To get rid of unpleasant odours in your kitchen, appliances and bathrooms, diffuse some grapefruit oil along with other citrus scents like lemon oil and orange oil. While your house fills with a clean scent, you also eliminate odour-causing bacteria from the air. Additionally, you can use a small amount of grapefruit essential oil on wooden surfaces, counter tops, floors or in household appliances to kill bacteria and odour naturally.

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You can find more information on Essential Oil Safety here.

Which ones are your faves? Do you have anything to add? Share it with us! 

11 Oils You Can Use To Clean The House | Stay At Home Mum

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