13 Carpet Cleaning Hacks We Bet You Don’t KnowMake Your Carpets The Best Feature Of Your Home

Specific Stains

3. For Dirt


When your home is laid with lighter carpets, like yellow, white, beige or light pastels, you’ll notice that dirt does tend to accumulate. This is usually just from foot traffic, but it can be from muddy accidents as well. Well what you might not know is that shaving cream is a great solution for these dirt stains. Any brand or variety will do, just rub it gently into the stain, let it sit and clean away. Along with removing dirt, shaving cream can fluff your carpets, making them look much newer.

4. For Oil

Oil stains can be difficult to get out of carpet because they tend to spread and stick. However, there is a way to extract oil out of carpet fibre, and it’s cheap and available everywhere. Yes, we’re talking about baking soda. Spread it liberally across the area where the oil stain is present, and leave it until the side forms a kind of dry crust, which can then be vacuumed. The stain may still be there, but it will be much lighter. Repeat if required, then work on dabbing the stain away with a stain remover.

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