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15 Everyday Bathroom Habits That are DisgustingPoo particles EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

Over the years I have house-shared with some pretty rancid folk. My jaw would be on the floor if I wasn’t so fearful of catching the clap.


It always made me pose the question that if you could see it, why the hell wouldn’t you clean it?!?!? Look, I’m no Captain Cleano, but employing basic hygiene isn’t difficult. I can’t imagine drying my face on the same part of the towel where someone else had dried their janglies.

The bathroom is the ultimate judgement zone. People may skip over your messy bedroom or kitchen but they will never miss your bathroom filth. It is a place where inspiration strikes and a place of solitude where you can belt out  Sam Smith or Adele songs. But it’s also a breeding ground for numerous bacteria.

This is about the time to get real and overhaul your bathroom and your disgusting preconceived ideas of a ‘clean’ bathroom. You may find yourself guilty of these nasty habits but let’s get some advice from experts on how to get past your disgusting everyday habits in the bathroom:

1. Being too clingy with your toothbrush


If you’re the type who brushes your teeth almost every meal, here’s a biting fact;

All the toothbrushes and dental floss you stick into your mouth to have a fresh breath and clean teeth will be a futile effort if they’re stored in a place overrun by bacteria, like your bathroom. Lack of ventilation is a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Also, placing your toothbrush container near a toilet can contaminate your toothbrush with severe pathogenic bacteria whenever it is flushed. It’s actually more unhygienic if you toothbrushes sits too close with your flatmate’s toothbrush in the one container. Hear this out: your toothbrush needs a breather!


  • Rinse it with a hot water before and after use
  • No swapping (Oh please!)
  • Dry it
  • Bristles up and handle down
  • Do not place them in a covered container. Containers should have a drain at the bottom
  • Replace toothbrush every 3-4 months

Did you know that when you’re sick, you carry a lot of bacteria from your mouth to your toothbrush? Studies reveal that a lot of these bacteria stay in your toothbrush for weeks which could lead to another episode of sickness. Dentists advise to sanitize your toothbrush by soaking it in an antibacterial solution for 10 minutes after every brushing.

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