A Wee Little Problem

Is toilet training becoming a wee little problem in your house? I’ve had wee on my carpet, wee on floor, wee on my good lounge room rug – pretty much everywhere but where it should be!!!  Anyway, my youngest has decided he’s way too old to wear a ‘yucky nappy’ as he calls it.  So we’ve had a few wet sheets to deal with of late.  We invested in a couple of cheap shower curtains (cost me $2) and tuck these around the mattress to protect it.  Works a treat!  Here are some other tips!

Urine ON the mattress:

Cover the wet area with baby powder, and place a few towels on top and if you can, leave it for a few days (not always possible I know!).  Then sponge the area with a cloth soaked in vinegar.  If you don’t have a few days to spare, sprinkle bi-carb over the affected area, then sponge with a solution of tea tree oil and warm water (about 5 drops of oil to a bucket) and let the mattress dry in the sun!

Wet Sheets in the Wash

To freshen them – wash as usual but add a cup of white vinegar to the wash – it will get rid of any residual odour and make the sheets nice and soft.

Urine on the Carpet

Sponge the area with a tea tree oil and warm water – for extra stubborn smells, rub a bit of Sunlight soap onto a very wet cloth, and gently scrub.  Rinse the area well (as well as you can without getting the carpet too wet).

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