23 Amazing Uses for Baby WipesWe're giving you many reasons to keep these wipes on hand!

Let’s all be honest, we probably never really thought about buying baby wipes until we had children.

But now… we just can’t live without them, am I right? Most of us here are parents, and a lot of us have baby wipes. These are sooooo handy! Even though my children haven’t worn nappies for a long time, I still carry baby wipes in my bag for when we eat out of the house, to wipe grotty hands, to wipe up a mess.

But did you know they have so many more uses aside from wiping baby stains? Here are some amazing uses for baby wipes!

Cleaning Uses

  1. Great to remove fresh crayon or biro off walls.
  2. Fantastic to polish your chrome taps in the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Baby wipes will blot up coffee spills from lounge suites or carpet if you get to it quickly.
  4. Great for wiping off the grease from your hands on your computer keyboard.
  5. Some of the fabric brands of baby wipes (like Huggies for instance) can be washed after use, and can be used as a duster or swiffer to pick up dust. Only reuse it if they weren’t used for something too nasty beforehand of course (that’s just gross!).
  6. Great for wiping over the dashboard and other surfaces in your car to get rid of scuffs and dust.
  7. Good for wiping down dusty leaves of indoor plants.
  8. Find your shoes are really dusty or dirty? Grab out a baby wipe – they clean, and shine shoes just beautifully!
  9. Clean dolls’ faces with a baby wipe!
  10. Wipe down the kids’ black chalkboards.
  11. Remove deodorant stains from clothing.
  12. Remove other stains off clothes.
Amazing Uses for Baby Wipes
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Beauty Uses

  1. If it’s a hot day and your makeup is melted and you’re not near a bathroom, baby wipes are PERFECT for freshening up and removing the offending makeup, particularly mascara.
  2. Baby wipes are great for easing sunburn until you can get some aloe vera cream. Just apply the wipes to the area for some instant relief.
  3. Great for removing hair dye residue on your forehead or neck when dyeing your own hair.
  4. Remove excess nail polish on your fingertips.

Hygiene Uses

  1. Substitute for paper towels.
  2. Wipe your hands when they get dirty and there’s no comfort room around the area to wash them.
  3. Wipe oil off on your face to freshen up when you’re outside.
  4. Remove sweat off your body.
  5. Great for when you have a cold or flu to use on your nose instead of tissues – so much softer and nicer on your skin!
Amazing Uses for Baby Wipes
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Other Uses

  1. Wipe down your pets to remove stray pet hairs.
  2. Use a baby wipe to moisten stamps and envelope glue instead of having to lick them!
Amazing Uses for Baby Wipes
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Do you have more amazing uses for good old baby wipes?

23 Amazing Uses for Baby Wipes

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