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 My name is Jody – and I have fleas. Everywhere. They are in my couch, in my rugs, in the cracks in the timbers floors, and they are driving me mental.

They have found my eight year old son rather delicious and I’ve had to send him to school looking like he has the pox. He then announces rather loudly to anyone that will listen ‘My house is totally INFESTED with fleas!’. I felt like the parent of the year.


Unfortunately for the little guy, it seems that every flea in my house seems to know when he walks in, and promptly jumps on for a feed. He must taste mighty fine.

Lucky for me however, I am not tasty.  Even in the infestation, I haven’t had a single bite.  Mosquitoes will only bite me if they are totally desperate….  To tell the truth I’m kinda starting to take it personally.  Do I smell funny?

So it started with the dog, I noticed a bit of flea excrement near her tail…. She likes to swim so I presume her monthly application of ‘Kill Everything Dead’ has worn off.  I wash her ever so lovingly, dry her with a towel.  Apply a new, rather stronger version of ‘Kill Everything Deader”.  And put the thought to bed.

And that’s when the plague begun….

I can only fathom that the fleas have detected their imminent death, and jumped ship.  Because these fleas are seriously smart!

How to get rid of fleas
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I vacuum thoroughly, mop, and bomb.  You know what that does?  Nothing.  Nope – now they have a clean house to party in!

So in growing desperation I strip every bed, every curtain.  I remove rugs, couch covers and valances. Every underlay, doona, blanket and towel has been loaded into the laundry.  I wash everything at 90 degrees with hard core detergent.  I head to the shops, purchase a new ‘You Beaut’ vacuum that is meant to suck the little buggers right out of the carpet.  I buy the hardware store out of Bug Bombs, vacuum for six hours, let 10 bombs go. I finally went to bed knowing, just knowing, that that just might do it.

Hubby walks out of our room at 6am – has a flea on him before he gets to the hallway. Many expletives were expleted.

How to get rid of fleas
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So, after a total spend of $1500 to get rid of them, we finally got the experts in.  In fact, I hugged the poor Pest Control man when he arrived I was so grateful!

So far (touch wood) it seems to have worked.  Although I’m tempted to tell hubby that I got bitten whilst sitting on the couch, because it is looking a bit old and festy now and I’d really like a new one!

So the whole moral of my story is, if you want a spotlessly clean house, with floors you could eat off – or want to get the Spring cleaning done at this time of year, invite a flea into your home!  Scratch, scratch, scratch.

How do you get rid of fleas in your home?

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