How to Clean Blinds

How to Clean Blinds

Cleaning Blinds is a thankless and dusty job… but when done regularly it makes life a lot easier!  Here is how to keep your blinds clean, dust free and in tip top shape!

Venetian Blinds

Do you own a Swiffer or a microfibre cloth?  These are the perfect tools to clean venetian blinds!  Close the blinds tightly one way – and gently wipe the blinds with the cloths.  Swiffers and microfibre cloths ‘attract’ the dust which makes it easy to clean.  Once one side is done, repeat on the other side.  Use the microfibre cloth on the wrong end of a toothbrush to get into the fiddly corner.

Vertical Blinds

First remove the chain and plates from the bottom of the blinds, and take them off the top ‘hook’.  Layer the blinds one at a time on top of each other.  Many vertical blinds can be washed – check with your manufacturer – if so, wash them on the most gentle of cycles in cold water or soak in hot soapy water (depending on manufacturers instructions!).  Hang the blinds on the clothes line (out of the sun if you can) without delay (ie as soon as the washing machine is finished).  Re-hang when dry.


While we’re talking window furnishings, lets not forget the humble curtain.  Dirty curtains can be soaked gently in warm soapy water overnight

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