Which Super Gross Pests Are You Battling In YOUR Home?

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Which Super Gross Pests Are You Battling In YOUR Home?
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I am not gonna lie, I absolutely HATE HATE HATE pests… Especially ones that creep and crawl!

Anyone who knows me knows I am terrified of spiders. Yep, I squeal like an 8-year-old girl when I see a cockroach and I am, low key petrified of anything that crawls. You know when people say- oh it is just a huntsman, it won’t hurt you? I disagree, I am very likely to have a heart attack, and scream a scream that would have the neighbours consider calling triple 000!

See how you go, will you make it through all of the pictures below???


1. Cockroaches

These filthy little critters invaded my whole house recently, they were everywhere, literally in the bathrooms, bedrooms, cupboards, you name it they were there big and small. Armed with PestXpert I got to work and I emerged victorious. Weeks on and PestXpert is still killing off these bad boys!

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2. Mosquitoes

Fun fact that is not so fun: The humble little mozzie is not just annoying, it is also deadly.

Did you know, according to the CDC the mosquito kills more people than any other creature in the world. Mosquitoes gravitate toward dark, warm, moist places where they have access to water, and this can include laundry rooms and bathrooms inside our homes.

Is it just me or does anyone else have that one annoying mozzie that finds it’s way into your bedroom at sunrise and constantly buzzes around your ear????
AHHHHHHH so annoying!!!!
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3. Ants

Oh, how much I hate these little terrors and they totally stink… seriously, how can something so small smell so bad???

They seem to come from every which way and just invade your entire home and yard, especially when the rains are comin’. I have even found them floating in my kettle!!! Ants like to nest behind baseboards, moldings, and countertops, as well as inside walls, Gross!

I have to say though, the ants and ant nests in plague proportions throughout our backyard was our biggest pest battle. Providing my 2 year old Sophie and fur baby Bonnie with a safe and pest free environment to play and explore in is my top priority. Armed with the PestXpert Nest Kill Ant Bait I was able to locate the nests and ant trails and start the elimination process. I did this on a day when Sophie was at Daycare and I am not kidding, within 2-3 days there was hardly an ant in sight!!!

Not to brag (ok, I am totally bragging!) but my home and yard and has now been an Ant Free Zone for over a month since I got my hands on the PestXpert  nest kill ant bait and the PestXpert out-door spray and sprayed the entire outside perimeter of our home…Winning!

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4.  Wasps

These are the sneakiest of sneaks, and I know this first hand!!!!

When I was 10, my friend and I were picking lilies from a pond down the street from where I lived. Little did I know that attached to one of the flowers I was picking was a paper wasp nest. The next thing I knew I was being swarmed. I must have been stung hundreds of times. While I was screaming and running down the road like a ninja one of our neighbours came running out and dosed me in vinegar.

Wasps are the fierce defenders of their nests and like to build them in plant branches, under roof eaves, on fencing and even my clothesline.

They seem to lay in wait just to sting you when you least expect it.

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5. Flies

Yuck, flies, ewwwwwwwwww.

We have them in plague proportions here after the rain and we don’t have screens so they are a constant pest around here. Flies lay their eggs on fruit, food, other animals and even rotting flesh. Their larvae are known as maggots…vom!

Gross Fact Alert: There are over 100,000 species of flies living on earth and Flies like to eat manure…RANK!!!

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6. Spiders

Everyone’s heard the story about the guy with the dreadlocks, right???

These guys are my biggest nope. I just can’t even. It doesn’t help that Spiders are found on every continent of the world except Antarctica. There is literally nowhere these ghastly 8 legged beasts will not hide. Inside your vegetation, within your clutter, closets, cracks in the wall, in the corners near your ceiling, under rocks and woodpiles, garages. But it’s safe to say you won’t find them inside or outside my home, not since I discovered PestXpert anyway.

I swear there must be a biological reason that we are so scared of these things!!!

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If you’re thinking that your house is safe from all these pests, then think again! They are everywhere, and they live where you live!

PestXpert is available at your Local Bunnings Store! Check out PestXpert now!

Which Super Gross Pests Are You Battling In YOUR Home | Stay at Home

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