This Simple Trick Will Make Cleaning Your House A Lot Easier

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This Simple Trick Will Make Cleaning Your House A Lot Easier

Cleaning is literally a hard task to fulfill. Don’t you agree?

And the hardest of it all? How to start! Just like getting up in the morning and you snooze your alarm for another 5 minutes just to get some more sleep, yep, that’s how it goes with cleaning too!

When it’s time to clean, sometimes, you’d want to delay it for a few minutes, and the next thing you know, you let the day pass with just you lying around allowing the mess to get messier!

But, it shouldn’t be the case from now on! There’s a very simple trick to keeping your house clean a lot easier. It may not magically clean your house in an instant, but you’ll get there.

So, what’s the trick?

We found it on Reddit and was so amazed since then because it was really so simple but so worth it! You don’t need your entire life just to clean your house. All you need is a few minutes of your 24 hours each day and you’ll be surprised how much you can do in 10 minutes. So here it is!

“The 10-minute Tidy”

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Also called the “10-minute tidy,” this concept just needs a timer and a strategy. Easy peasy right? You can do it wherever you want in the house but The Intentional Mom, has made it a bit easier. So here’s some of her strategy.

Step 1: Divide your home into zones you want to clean up.

Depending on your home, you would want to first identify the sections you want to clean in your home. You can do it by rooms or by areas in your room. As long as you pick which part of your room you want to spend the next 10 minutes with to clean up.

Step 2: Clean Zone 1.

Once you picked a specific area in your home to work with, it’s now as easy as turning your timer to 10 minutes, then start! You can start cleaning as quickly as you can. No time to waste here mums! Pick whatever is in your way and stash them where they should go. But don’t just pick and throw, arrange things so you don’t have to do it all over again otherwise it’s still a total mess after you run out of time.

If you think you need more time in a particular area, deal with it later. What’s important is you were able to segregate things in your pile of clutter and organise it, and clean as you go, so to speak.

A general tip: Don’t leave the zone until the timer is done.

If you still have time and you think you’re through cleaning zone 1, you may want to re-examine some spots in the zone that needed cleaning or you may want to proceed to your next zone. Or you may want to call it a day and relax, it’s all up to you. As long as you fulfilled your task, and leaving your area spic and span, you’re good to go.

Does it really work?

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I have to admit I have yet to try it out but for some people who were able to do this, this are their reactions.

“All my friends think I spend ages cleaning as my flat is very clean most of the time.”

“Worked so much better than spending an hour cleaning on a Saturday.”

“…it is surprising how much I got done…”

Modifying the 10-minute tidy

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There are hundreds of ways on how you can push yourself to start cleaning your house. You can stick to the 10-minute tidy concept or modify to make it your own. We’ve read about how it worked for some with a few modifications and here are some of them!

1. Listening to music/podcast

2. “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

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3. “If you’re done with it, don’t put it down, put it away.”

4. Sunday is Cleaning Day.

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5. Make cleaning a competition.

6. The Pomodoro Method

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7. “20 minutes of adulting”

8. Every time “I die in a game, my ‘punishment’ is that I have to do one chore.”

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9. A room a day

10. The Power Clean

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Have you tried the 10-minute tidy? How did it work for you? What other cleaning tips can you share with us?

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