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13 Handy Uses For SaltDo you have something to add?

Salt is great for seasoning food when you are cooking, but it also has some other great uses too!

We’re all for the frugal home hacks at SAHM, especially ones that save you cash! Did you know you could use salt to soothe a bee sting?

13 Handy Uses For Salt (2)

Here’s a few other salt hacks for you to try:

1. Gets rid of fleas from your dog kennel

via www.wikihow.com
via www.wikihow.com

Wash down the walls and floor of your dog’s kennel with a salt water solution once a month to keep fleas at bay.

2. Removes baked-on food from cooking trays

via foodal.com
via foodal.com

Sprinkle the baked-on food with salt, then add a few drops of water. Set it aside until the salt lifts the baked-on food and wash it with soapy water.

3. Cleans your fridge

via www.hgtv.com
via www.hgtv.com

Mix about a cup of salt in a bucket of warm water, let it dissolve and then wipe your fridge surfaces down with a sponge soaked in the salt solution.

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