Dear Energy Provider Stop Sucking Up My Savings

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Dear Energy Provider Stop Sucking Up My Savings

How much is everyone spending each quarter on their energy bills? We just got our last bill a little while ago and let me tell you, it was high. Like, “well, there goes our plans to go away next month” high.  Like “is someone secretly using our dryer at night” high. Like “seriously, is there anything we can do about this?” high.

Like four digits high.

I know right?

So”¦ Energy Provider, this got me thinking – are we the only ones facing extremely high bills each month? I brought the question to the park and asked my friends and turns out, everyone is stuck with these high bills. And everyone is sick of it.

So riddle me this, Energy Provider, it just seems like we are paying whatever price you feel like telling us to pay there is no control; there is no plan; and there is no trust. And, I’m sorry Energy Provider, but I need my dryer, especially when it rains for three weeks straight. And I get cold at night. And”¦.I am not about to give up my morning coffee because the kettle is wasting power. So, let’s try another approach, shall we?

I am aware that reducing how much I use my appliances will make a difference and I do try and make use of the many energy saving tips out there, but I have to say, my long-time-controlling Energy Provider that it might be time to pull the plug after all that I have invested in this one way relationship.

And, most importantly, I’ve found someone better.

Yep. I am a cheating partner who has been online shopping for a new provider. And I reckon I found one.

His name is Lumo Energy.

Woman paying bills online from home and smiling

Lumo Energy wants to work with me and provide a package that is suited to my lifestyle and can help save me money.   How you ask?  Well Lumo has a range of packages that offer discounts and value add benefits and in addition he has great advice on how to save energy and money, he cares.  The Advantage Package, for example, gives me great rates plus I get up to 20 percent off my electricity and 15 percent off my gas rates when I pay on time* (this number will vary by state, however).  There is also access to an exclusive customer shopping program offering abundant discounts on gift cards, movie tickets and awesome hotel and holiday packages.

Hear this Lumo supports me taking holidays with its Velocity Package. You, on the other hand, just used up our holiday savings.  And the more holidays I take, the less energy I am using anyway.

Another thing about Lumo is that he is honest and wants to empower me with information so I can make informed choices about what will work for me.  For instance, Lumo created a new bill explainer to clearly label and explains each section of the bill helping me understand usage and costs.

He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t ‘omit the truth.’ When Lumo is going out with mates at night, he tells me. He doesn’t just show up at 3am and crawl into bed. If you’re in Victoria and have an active smart meter, you even monitor what he’s doing via your My Account portal. You’ll see all your usage right there!

Is it Time to Break Away?

Lumo may not be right for everyone. The important thing, however, is that if you are in a one sided relationship with your current Energy Provider, there are options. Electricity rates vary from state to state and different Network charges. Your energy costs can also depend on the size of your house, usage of appliances such as air conditioning, heating, washing machines etc. and the times that you use them.  a.

It pays to do a bit of research into the various energy providers in your area. Check out their profile, maybe set up an online chat and get to know what’s out there. You don’t have to be stuck in a dead end relationship that is sucking your wallet dry. Break free.

lumo logoLearn More About Lumo Energy

Lumo and I are very happy together. Learn from our love story.  I don’t mind sharing him. Find out more about Lumo Energy, one of Australia’s largest growing energy retailers providing energy solutions to more than 520,000 customer accounts across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland since 2004. It offers a number of plans to households including Lumo Velocity, Lumo Movers and Lumo Life 10.  Find your perfect match today.

*Varies per state. Offer available to new eligible residential customers who sign up to the Lumo Advantage Product. The discount applies to energy usage and the service to property charges, which are subject to change, when you pay in full by 5pm on the due date. For full terms and conditions please visit

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