5 Budget Makeover Tips for your Living Room

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  • 5 Budget Makeover Tips for your Living Room

There’s something about having a meticulous, well-appointed and elevated living room that allows you to enjoy the place you call home.

As the central feature of your home, it should however, be more than well-designed; your living room space should be comfortable, and reflect your own taste and personality.

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If you’re thinking of ways to refresh this particular space, and are looking for inspiring design cues; below are few ideas to help create a space that’s tailored to your needs, and looks more appealing even when your budget is limited — instantly.

1. Add visual space with mirrors

Mirrors radiate elegance and make your space feel well-lit, spacious and luxurious.

Beyond their practical use, they have an almost magical way of adding a decorative touch and a sense of balance to any interior setting. What’s even more appealing about these reflective pieces is that they can be found relatively inexpensively and in unique shapes and scales to meet your décor needs. A large mirror can bring visual interest and highlight an architectural feature or a piece of furniture; for example, it can serve as an accent piece when placed directly over a sophisticated cabinet or above a fireplace mantel.

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2. Swap out your throw cushions

A couch should never be without cushions — and when it comes to punctuating finishing touches that add a pop of colour and texture, lends comfort and cosy; cushions are definitely ahead of the pack. It’s easy to update the look and feel of your living room space by introducing a few pieces — same room, same couch, but a different new style.

Purchase cushion covers rendered in good quality fabric and blend different textures together. Decorate your sofa with a mix of hues and patterns for an eclectic look, or solids in neutral shades for a more contemporary finish. A colourful floor cushion can effortlessly create a stir, especially in a setting with a muted colour scheme, natural area rug or crisp white accents.

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3. Bring in dimension with rugs

Extra comfort in your living room should extend beyond the sofa. And what better way to make your space more comfortable and cosy than to add an area rug.

Rugs can really transform and add dimension to a space. Even better, an area rug can provide a stage for furnishings, giving them a visual home in a room. If your space features wooden, stone or tile flooring that seem cold and uninviting, you may want to opt for one that provides the right softness, warmth and comfort underfoot. You’ll find inexpensive rugs suiting every style — and for a rich finish, you can always opt for a colourful floor cushion just to add an extra touch of cosy.

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4. Make your room shine with accent furniture and accessories

It’s simple and it’s easy — create visual play that’ll bring your living room to life with statement pieces of furniture and decorative accents. Whether this is a pair of bold velvet ottomans, an interestingly colourful and unique coffee table, a large ornate vase, or simply, a glass table lamp with old world charm; the key is to bring a piece that sings to you and your personality. Like always, adding in a new piece of furniture to an existing décor scheme is all about finding a brilliant balance without detracting from what’s already present.

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5. Play with mixes

What’s a fun living room without juxtapositions of colour, texture, and shape? Mixing various materials and textures is one of the best living room design ideas to help add visual depth and give our eyes multiple elements to examine within a cohesive whole. Try to mix glass, wood, leather, and metals, along with a variety of textiles and other decorative items to achieve a sophisticated yet dynamic vibe for your living room space.

5 Budget Makeover Tips for your Living Room