How to Choose the Right Clock for Your Space

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How to Choose the Right Clock for Your Space

How to Choose the Right Clock for Your Space

Great home accessories can accentuate an unappealing space into something of beauty and picturesque ambience. One of the most frequent questions homeowners ask is, “how do I choose the right clock to complement my overall desired look”? With an unending range of styles, settling down to just the right piece can be quite a challenge. Luckily, wall clocks have been catapulted back into home decor trends, offering a combination of practicality, charm and creative expression. So if you’re struggling to pick the perfect clock, consider these 5 tips.

Choosing the Right Clock for Your Space | Stay at Home Mum

Big accents make an artistic statement

Selecting the size of your clock is largely dependent on the available wall surface and the type of statement you wish to achieve. If you’re after statement pieces that offer the greatest impact and are pivotal to your interior setting, a large-scale clock with a textured, patterned or coloured face will make a fashionable display on your living room wall. Large wall clocks are especially suited for a modern home with more wall surface and higher ceilings.

Photo of silent sweep wall clock in duck egg outer case colour and white face

Buy what you love

Perhaps most importantly, a home should represent its owner; hence one shouldn’t be too driven by trends but instead decorate with the things that make their heart sing. Because wall clocks come in a variety of fabulous colours, shapes and sizes; they can help define your personal style and unique taste. Choosing a piece that you are truly attracted to will create character in your home and ultimately stand the test of time. Anything that adorns your space should never be a “maybe” and should thrill you every single day.

Photo of cream coloured silent tick alarm clock with gold numbers

Work with the room’s colour scheme

Clocks can also add an unexpected pop of colour and are a fantastic way to brighten an otherwise dull space “” or the key piece that brings a colour scheme together. In a neutral colour setting, decorative wall clocks with vibrant hues can improve your interior’s aesthetic appeal without getting lost. Contrasting colours and patterns are absolutely in vogue and in line with Pantone’s predictions for the 2019 colour palette.

Similarly, if your space is filled with vibrant hues, such as with an eclectic styled room, you may want to incorporate a simple clock that features a minimal colour to provide a nice break in the room without detracting from any of the design elements that are in it.

Bright bold red coloured wall clock with simple elegant design

Small pieces are equally striking

While big makes an eye-catching statement, sometimes delicate, smaller more refined wall clock designs can add understated elegance and enhance your room’s overall look. For a home that lacks wall surface, you may want to consider trying a mantel clock to add both charm and individual character. Small kid’s clocks in bright and exciting colours are a fun addition to animate the wall space and enhance the room’s overall energy; while a slim-line and sleek design can be incorporated into a modern kitchen both for practicality and just a hint of colour.

Choosing the Right Clock for Your Space

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box

So what if you find a vintage timepiece you adore, but it doesn’t necessarily “go” with your interior setting, or perhaps have fallen in love with something quirky and retro? Bring it home anyways. The true essence of brilliant home styling is creating excitement and intrigue, and stepping outside the box can play a big part in creating that excitement. In a traditional room, a striking modern wall clock can shake things up and add visual interest; just like a classic, round and subtle timepiece can effortlessly lend a timeless and welcome-home feeling to a contemporary space.

Image of metal multi time wall clock with roman numerals

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