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Where to Buy Rugs Online in Australia

10 Best Stores to Buy a Rug in Australia

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10 Best Stores to Buy a Rug in Australia

10 Best Stores to Buy a Rug in Australia

A rug has the power to completely transform a room like a few other home decor items, but they can be a bit of a headache to shop for considering there are so many retailers out there selling, quite frankly, really awful designs. Plus some of the prices of rugs are just outrageous!

So whether you’re on the hunt now for a new floor covering or know one day you will be, bookmark this post to reference our top 15 totally fabulous online sources for rugs.

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bigstock Living Room Interior With Comf 433974062 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

1. Miss Amara

  • Best for Designer Rugs

Not all of us are interior designers but we like to think we’re one! That’s okay but wouldn’t it better if you had an actual designer planning your home interiors? Rugs for instance completely change the mood of a room! Worry not, because Miss Amara offers a free styling service! Just send them a pic and they’ll send you a selection of rugs!

Miss Amara also has a virtual rug stylist called ‘Cleo’ – with a few answered questions, Cleo will find you a selection of rugs that is right for you!

Arsuk Ivory & Grey Distressed Transitional Rug | Stay at Home Mum

2. Temple & Webster

  • Best Range of Rugs

I’ve personally shopped at Temple & Webster for years – and have bought most of my rugs online from them.  Not only do they have beautiful rugs that are really great value for money – they have an amazing range of home decor items, furniture and everything else that makes a house a home. They even have exclusive collections! Plus you can double your saving if you become a member. It’s value for money!

Check out Temple & Webster Range of rugs>

Natural Daisy Jute Rug | Stay At Home Mum

Natural Daisy Jute Rug from Temple & Webster

3. Bed Bath N Table

  • Limited Range of Rugs – But Pretty Ones

There are so many places where we can put a rug in our homes, be it for design or function. For function, we usually prefer inexpensive ones, don’t we? The question is, where to buy rugs that can be functional but at the same time doesn’t hurt the eye?

Check out Bed Bath N’ Table! They have over 170 locations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore! You can also visit their social media accounts for easier access.

Check out Bed Bath N Table’s range of rugs>

3. Catch

  • Best for Discount Rugs

The devil is in the details, they say. And rugs, as small as a foot rug or one that accentuates your entire living room, must be chosen carefully! The Home (which is a part of the Catch website) has a wide range of rug collection you can choose from. They also offer tips for you to make the right choice. Loads of discount rugs through to designer rugs.

Check out the range of rugs from Catch>

4. Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is an Australian owned and operated company that promises to bring you comfort! They help you find the best pieces for your home to match the desires of your heart including rugs!

Check out their range of rugs>

5. Castlery

Such a simple piece but often we find ourselves asking where to buy rugs in Australia?? Rugs that make a statement but still fits your budget, right? Look up Castlery as they create household pieces that should be a match for your homes.

Check out the range of rugs from Castlery>

6. Aura Home

I’m pretty sure we all want to travel the world. Well, you can without leaving the comforts of your home! Sort of. You can buy rugs at Aura Home that gives you a feel of Scandinavia and of India”¦ and of course, Melbourne!

Check out the range of rugs from Aura Home>

7. Bambury

Sometimes all it takes is a rug to spice up your living room or dining room. It can fill up and empty space and create magic! You can get rugs of quality and practicality at Bambury.

Check out the rugs from Bambury>

8. Living Styles

If you’re still searching where to buy rugs in Australia, your search ends here. Living Style promises to give the best furnishing to your home. They source out local and imported rugs to suit your style!

Check out their range of rugs here>

9. Adairs

Linen lovers out there, rugs from Adairs is what you’re looking for! Adairs has a collection of rugs that are aesthetically pleasing but gives you comfort as well.

Check out their range of luxury rugs here>

Adairs Baby Pom Pom Grey Round Rug | Stay At Home MumAdairs Baby Pom Pom Grey Round Rug

10. April & Oak Ltd

Stockist of Luxury Rugs

You always want what’s best for your home, world-class even. Why not? At April & Oak you can buy rugs that’s 100% Australian made but is globally sourced. So you can have the best the world has to offer right in your homes. April & Oak have over 8000 rugs in stock – so there will certainly be a rug there for you!

Check out their range here>

11. Interior Secrets

Luxury Rugs

Coming home to a beautiful home is the dream. Make that dream come true with Interior Secrets. Go through their gallery of stunning rugs and you won’t think twice in making that buy!

Check out their range here>

12. Freedom Furniture

From round rugs to rectangular, from large rugs to mats, you have the freedom to pick the rug that perfectly fits your home at Freedom Furniture. Freedom Furniture caters to the size, shape, style and material you’re looking for.

Fantastic Furniture have Mix Range – Luxury Rugs

Check out the range of rugs here>

Rugs can make or break a room. But you don’t want it to break your bank! Let us know if our list of where to buy rugs online helped you out in your interior design goals for your home!

Where to Buy Rugs Online in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

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